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Sebastián Piñera hopes that Boric will not impose a program that “Chile does not need”

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“I hope that the path to follow is one of dialogue, seeking agreements and not trying to impose a program that, I believe, is not the one that Chile needs.” In this way the president Sebastian Piñera summarized your expectations regarding Gabriel Boric, to whom he must hand over the command on March 11.

The outgoing president said he had a good opinion of the left-wing deputy who widely won the elections last December. “I think he is a good person, who has a republican sense and good intentions,” he said, although he maintained his differences. He specified that the program presented by Boric in the first round “has failed throughout the world,” while the second round he was moderate and “showed a different face.”

He delved into the fears generated by a Frente Amplio government, pointing out that he hopes that the necessary reforms will be carried out with dialogue, but without “revolutions that always end badly.” “This idea of ​​re-founding everything, of the steamroller that was going to go over the top, of destroying the system, I think is a tremendous mistake,” he remarked.

During an extensive conversation with foreign press correspondents, most of it reserved, Piñera took stock of his four years at La Moneda, an opportunity in which he claimed to have completed 90% of your program of government, despite overcoming deep crises derived from the social outbreak of 2019 and the pandemic in 2020. “Chile has faced adversity well and that speaks well of the soul and mettle of Chile,” he said.

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Balance time

Two months after leaving power and starting the traditional recounts, the president quoted Edith Piaf: “I regret many things, but my adversaries remind me every day.”

Piñera expressed his desire that the changes to come “be for the better”, considering that they will be driven by a new generation of leaders that defeated the two dominant coalitions in the country since the return to democracy, Chile Vamos and the former Concertación.

He valued the role that his generation played in the last “famous 30 years that have been greatly vilified” and expressed his surprise at the fact that those who were their protagonists did not defend them “and I am thinking of the presidents who led four of those six governments (Aylwin, Frei, Lagos and Bachelet) », he said.

Asked by ABC regarding what his legacy will be, considering that the opposition already questions him that he attributes some measures and milestones as his own, the president said that “when (an analysis) is made with objectivity and justice, I hope that this government He spared no effort and gave the best of us to protect two fundamental things: life and quality of life.

“The opposition will know how much was done thanks to her or in spite of her, because, in some matters, I feel that there was a very obstructionist opposition,” he pointed out and announced that the one that Boric will have on the side of the right will be firm, but constructive.

He insisted that the political, social, health and economic crises that impacted the last two years of his administration were resolved, some of them through institutional means by creating a Constitutional Convention to write a new Magna Carta, and others, with opportunity and seriousness, which made it possible to prepare the health system, ensure the necessary vaccines (Chile will apply the fourth dose in the coming weeks) and give economic aid to the population for an amount close to 10% of GDP.

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Regarding whether a positive balance can be made when the presidential sash is handed over to a representative of the Broad Front and the Communist Party, he recalled that this is not something new in Chile since there has been alternation in power in the last five governments. “Well, that is democracy,” he said.

Piñera announced that he will ensure the next administration a fifth dose of vaccines against the coronavirus if necessary, so Boric will have a year, 2022, calmer than those that this government has had.

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