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Second Chance for Unimmunized Education Personnel

Teacher vaccination, one of the groups pending the second dose

Teacher vaccination, one of the groups pending the second dose

While some 90,000 teachers begin to receive an SMS from the Ministry of Health informing them about the possibility of reject Pfizer as second dose of AstraZeneca, to another part of the educational personnel the opportunity is opened to receive the vaccine that they could not or did not want during the month of March. A percentage that is known to be a minority, but whose exact number is unknown until the listings are updated.

The Ministry of Education sent a letter to the centers this week to warn them that they could register “all teaching or non-teaching staff who have not received the first dose of the vaccine in March / April” for a recent immunization. The list will open from Monday and will be available until June 10, Wednesday, although it is not indicated when this vaccination would be.

In this process, those people who have joined their jobs in schools or institutes after the first mass immunization process of this group took place, which began at first on March 15 and that, after a stoppage initial, it resumed between March 26 and April 1.

This new call could also include those people who did not attend despite being registered in the lists, either by personal decision or because the medical indications were contrary, such as having passed the covid in a period not exceeding six months or being pregnant. According to the data provided at the time by the Ministry of Health, 16.4% of those summoned did not attend to the appointment with the drug against covid.

At that time the first dose to educational personnel was fixed with AstraZeneca, which was first authorized for those under 55 years of age, later it was opened until 65 until it was finally suspended for those under 60 years of age, a problem that has caused problems regarding how to complete the guideline for this group. This suspension will cause the new citations not to be vaccinated with the Oxford serum but will probably be immunized with Pfizer, the same as the student body in practice.

SMS arrives to choose the second dose

Regarding the second dose of the nearly 90,000 workers in the educational field, many of these are already receiving the SMS from the Ministry of Health in which they are informed that they will be shortly convened to receive Pfizer, but if they do not accept this drug (different from the first puncture) they have the possibility of giving it up through the link that appears in the text message.

One of the doubts that flies over the vaccination of this group is where, how and when it will be. The question is whether it will again be at a mass immunization point with a special appointment for all the staff of the same center precisely close to the workplace or if this will be individually with personalized calls in the corresponding vaccination space closest to the patient. That is, if a teacher who works in a school in Castelló, but lives in Valencia, will be vaccinated again in Castelló along with his classmates as the first time or if it will be near his home.

In the SMS received at the moment by the educational staff, it is indicated that all citations for the second doses of those who were vaccinated with the first AstraZeneca, “regardless of where the first dose is administered, will be cited in the devices for the vaccination of the Ministry of Health, mass vaccination spaces or health centers »that carry out this.

As this media has learned from the FSIE, the majority union of the concerted, they have informed their members that the summons will be “individually” so that “there will be no general call to the centers.” This, according to the union, will be at the closest vaccination point of the 133 that are currently underway to the health center to which each worker is attached.

Two million citizens of the Valencian Community already have a dose

From milestone to milestone. Vaccination against covid in the Valencian Community accumulated yesterday a new achievement in your advance. After one million people were optimally immunized on Thursday and broke the record for punctures in one day, with more than 100,000, yesterday it exceeded the two million people who already have at least one dose against the covid .

In total, as reported by the regional department, they are 2.008.992 people who have received the covid vaccine. This means that four out of every ten inhabitants of the Valencian Community already have the protection offered by a dose. Likewise, 1,048,494 people are fully vaccinated, that is, with two doses of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca or one of Janssen and represent 20.9% of the population of the Community.

Likewise, the Valencian Community has administered almost three million doses since the inoculation of the vaccine against the virus began on December 27 (2.9 million) of the 3.3 million doses received until yesterday. This means that 86% of the vials received have been injected while a part of them is reserved for second doses.

For ages, of the slightly more than two million Valencians who are over 50 years of age, 1.7 million already have a dose (84.5%) while 46.3% (948,000) have complete immunization. Within these, two out of every three Valencians between 50 and 59 years old have already received a dose against covid while in the higher groups it is 100% in those over 80, 97% in septuagenarians and 89% in their sixties.

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