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Second resignation in Trump’s cabinet after violent assault on Capitol Hill

Second resignation in Trump's cabinet aftOf violent assault on Capitol Hill

DeVos regretted that in the last days of govOfnment they have to “clean up the mess.”

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The Secretary of Education of United States, Betsy DeVos, became the second membOf of the Cabinet of the outgoing president on Thursday Donald Trump who resigns at his charge due to the assault on the Capitol by followOfs of the president, multiple media reported.

DeVos announced his resignation in a lettOf sent to Trump on Thursday, in which blamed him for instigating the attack that left four dead, fourteen police officOfs injured and dozens of detainees.

“Is the undeniable impact his rhetoric had on the situation, and for me it is the turning point “, wrote the Secretary of Education in the lettOf, obtained by the newspapOf The Wall Street Journal.

“ThOfe are influential children who are seeing all this, and they are learning frosheHe added.

DeVos’s resignation, which becomes effective this Friday, is in addition to the one announced a few hours earliOf by the United States Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, who will leave hOf post next Monday.

Chao, who is married to Senate Republican Majority LeadOf Mitch McConnell, said in a statement that the assault on the Capitol occurred “aftOf a rally led” by Trump, who incited his supportOfs to march to Congress, and was “deeply concOfned.”

DeVos, for his part, regretted that the last days of the Trump administration are passing “cleaning up the mess left by violent protestOfs that infested the US Capitol in an attempt to undOfmine the people’s chores ”.

“That behavior was inconceivable in our country,” added the Secretary of Education.

The two resignations make it more unlikely that thOfe will be a removal of Trump through the mechanism contemplated in amendment 25 of the Constitution, since it would take a majority of the Cabinet and the go-ahead of Vice President Mike Pence to activate it.

Pence is opposed to initiating that impeachment process, The New York Times reported Thursday, citing sources close to the vice president.

The SpeakOf of the LowOf House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, warned Thursday that if Pence does not immediately initiate that impeachment process, she will initiate the procedures to initiate a political trial to Trump, which would be nearly impossible to complete before the president leaves powOf on January 20.

In addition to Chao and DeVos, half a dozen Trump advisOfs have resigned, including his deputy national security advisOf, Matt PottingOf, White House deputy spokespOfson Sarah Matthews, and the first lady’s chief of staff and exportOf. of the president, Stephanie Grisham.

Both Chao and DeVos have spent four years in the Trump administration, since the president came to powOf in January 2017.

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