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“Secret” memo alerted Biden a month ago of impending chaos in Afghanistan due to Taliban advance

The new humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan directly involves the US and Joe Biden’s government.

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State Department officials at the US embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, warned President Joe Biden last month that the Asian country’s capital would fall to the Taliban, and that they should therefore expedite the evictions of citizens. .

A Wall Street Journal report this week indicated that a dozen diplomats sent a confidential memo via a dissenting channel to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on July 13, warning of the rapid advance of the terrorist group’s fighters and the possibility of a collapse in the city.

On July 8, Biden declared that it was highly unlikely that the Taliban would take control of the country and denied further chaos in the territory.

The one reported this week is the latest in a series of notices ignored by the Biden Administration in the framework of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of occupation.

In the confidential document, the State Department asks the government to use harsher language against the violence of the Taliban in the past and urges the authorities to start collecting information on the allies. Afghans who qualify for special immigrant visas after having worked with the US forces.

23 American employees in Kabul signed the memo

The newspaper report adds that 23 embassy employees signed the memo and requested express delivery in view of the dire situation in Kabul.

Blinken reviewed the statement, its spokesman Ned Price confirmed.

“He made it clear that he welcomes and encourages the use of the channel of dissent, and is committed to its revitalization. We value constructive internal dissent, ”Price stated.

The memo also urged the Administration to begin evacuating people from the country no later than August 1.

The evictions by the US government in Afghanistan began on August 14.

In the last 24 hours, US evacuated 3,000 people from Kabul airport, which brings to 9,000 the number of individuals it has managed to remove from the country since the aforementioned check, a senior White House official explained at dawn on Friday.

People fled Kabul airport aboard 16 military C-17 aircraftthe official told the press on condition of anonymity.

Of those 3,000 evacuees, about 350 were US nationals and the remainder were relatives of US citizens, Afghan collaborators and their families, as well as “vulnerable” Afghans.

A former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) counterterrorism employee had also warned Biden that the Taliban offensive in Kabul would take place in a matter of days with a limited US troop presence.

However, on Tuesday Biden claimed that he was never alerted to such a rapid collapse.

In an interview with ABC News a day later, the president said he did not believe that it was possible for US troops to leave Afghanistan without causing chaos.

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