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Sector V will have a residence with 30 places to treat cerebral palsy

Elche will open a 30-bed residence next summer to treat users with cerebral palsy. The building will be managed by Aspanias and will be located next to the headquarters that the association has in Sector V. This is the forecast that manages the group itself as well as the City Council, which this Wednesday announced that the Department of Inclusive Policies is going to finance more than 740,000 euros to carry out the second phase of the works of that building, since last November 25 it approved the grant that will be in the form of an agreement.

In line, the City Council contributes 110,000 euros, 40,000 of which it has already agreed for the first phase of the work. Other entities such as the Once Foundation also provide support to make this project possible with an injection of more than 35,000 euros, while the La Caixa Foundation also collaborates.

For now, there is only the structure of the property since the works began several months ago, and it is located as an annex to the current day center for cerebral palsy on Calle Arquitecto Santiago Pérez Aracil, in Sector V next to Travalón. This residential regime would allow the care of people with cerebral palsy in a chronic state as well as other users with other motor problems.

As Miguel Ángel Botella, president of Aspanias, explained this Wednesday “the residence has been a pharaonic project due to the record time in which it has been achieved and it is a very necessary resource because there are children with advanced ages whose parents are very old” and they need this assistance.

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At the moment it is only known that the center will have thirty places that could be used to attend cases of functional diversity in the city and nearby towns and it is considered that there may be more than twenty workers, without the final human resources having yet been specified that will be needed for the center to function. However, for now this facility already has the authorization of the Ministry to operate and will be an important resource to improve the treatment of dependent users who require 24-hour care by professionals, since to date they can only go to the center during the day where they are offered therapeutic support to improve their personal and social autonomy.

In September 2020, the government board approved the building license to expand the facilities by 600 meters to build this building, whose first phase works were scheduled to conclude last summer.

Solidarity calendar

The non-profit association has launched its new solidarity calendar for 2022 with which they hope to raise funds to improve the services provided by the group through the Early Care center, the day center and other programs such as the Leisure Club, respiro family or legal advice.

Around twenty establishments, business groups and entities in the city collaborate with this initiative, in addition to the La Caixa Foundation or the City Council itself. The calendar is delivered through a donation of five euros and throughout the twelve months different users of the association are presented who pose for the camera showing their smile or some gesture that differentiates them. Among the participants are some children who attend the Early Childhood Center.

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Another project in Altabix to decentralize Early Care and reduce waiting lists

The Aspanias association will open in the coming months its second Early Care center in the city to decentralize the services that it provides today in Sector V. The City Council confirmed this Wednesday that the works on the building that the local administration ceded have already completed in the Altabix-Universidad neighborhood to carry out this activity.

According to Mariano Valera, mayor of Social Welfare, Aspanias had been carrying out its intervention action with more than 180 minors through 105 public squares while thanks to this center Elche will have another 35 public squares with attention to more than 60 children .

Aspanias trusts that the Generalitat will approve a new Early Care center with 35 places


At the municipal level, they explain that early care in the city has waiting lists and they trust that this new resource will reduce them since there will be a total of 140 public places and care for 240 children. For the center to open its doors, the Generalitat still has to approve the new places. Entities such as the La Caixa Foundation, which contributes more than 10,000 euros for the purchase of furniture, have also been involved in this initiative.

Miguel Ángel Botella, president of Aspanias, highlighted that in 2020 they have managed to complete projects in which they have been working for a long time, such as this early care center with which coverage will be increased in the city since it will also provide between six and eight technicians of social intervention.

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The Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies gave the association two municipal premises of 340 square meters, valued at more than 200,000 euros, as reported at the time from the City Council in a visit to the initial works of the future residence where the architect and builder reported the progress of the work.

The mayor, Carlos González, already reported a few months ago that the work of the Early Attention Center would also be subsidized by the council with an amount of 145,000 euros.

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