Wednesday, September 22

Securitas Direct launches the ‘Together we protect Christmas’ campaign

Securitas Direct launches the 'Together we protect Christmas' campaign and donates more than 100,000 euros to small businesses.

Securitas Direct launches the ‘Together we protect Christmas’ campaign and donates more than 100,000 euros to small businesses.

Securitas Direct has launched the awareness campaign #JuntosProtegemosLaNavidad on Wednesday and donates more than 102,000 euros to give visibility and boost to small businesses, giving part of its advertising space to the main national radio channels in Spain.

“It is a way of thanking everyone for what has been achieved so far and continuing to raise awareness about the importance of protecting ourselves,” says Laura Gonzalvo, Director of Communication and CSR at Securitas Direct.

As explained by the company, the objective of this initiative is “to promote local and responsible consumption in neighborhood businesses, one of the sectors most affected during the pandemic.” In his opinion, in this way, “the reduction of crowds is favored, making purchases staggered in time and scheduled in advance, as well as minimizing mobility.”

“This campaign goes beyond the economic amount and the businesses chosen to advertise. It is an awareness campaign towards the need to protect each other, avoiding crowds, being more sustainable and reducing mobility in Christmas shopping through promotion of small businesses. It is a campaign on behalf of all the SMEs that make up the Spanish business fabric, “says Laura Gonzalvo.

Specifically, Securitas Direct has detailed that a total of ten small businesses from different Spanish locations have been chosen, which will occupy the 300 spots that the company has made available to them for two weeks, from December 9.

In addition, Gonzalvo has added that “it is a call for individual responsibility.” “We can all do our bit to protect each other. As protection specialists, we put our knowledge at the service of common sentiment: staying safe and celebrating the holidays in the best possible way. This year Christmas is very different, with uncertainty and important socioeconomic changes. The search for new opportunities and the need to take care of ourselves is becoming more important than ever, “he stressed.

Small businesses, a key pillar of the economy

The company has stated that Spanish SMEs “are being one of the sectors most affected by Covid-19 and the Christmas campaign is key to defining its reactivation.”

According to SME Figures – from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism – as of October 2020, there are 2,870,096 companies considered SMEs (with and without employees), which represents more than 99% of the Spanish business fabric, generating more than 10 million of jobs (62% of the total). “In short, one of the main engines of the Spanish economy”, he stressed.

In this sense, he pointed out that most of these small businesses (more than 72%) work in the service sector, “also among the most affected by the pandemic.” “The restrictions and the fear of people to go shopping are outlined among the factors that can pose another barrier. All this adds more uncertainty to small businesses, which depend on the direct visit of the customer,” he highlighted.

For all this, as he has stated, “initiatives are emerging for this Christmas that seek to support neighborhood businesses, giving them more visibility and bringing them closer to their customers.”

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