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“Security is the key element in the management of Hidraqua and for this, digitization, investment and continuous improvement are required”

Juan Carlos de Cabo, Director of Information Systems at Dinapsis.

Juan Carlos de Cabo, Director of Information Systems at Dinapsis.

When the state of alarm was declared in 2020 as a result of the health crisis, those profiles who were able to continue developing their work from home already had the systems and equipment necessary to continue providing a quality service. “The reality is that it was not a technological challenge. We have been committed to cybersecurity, innovation and digitization for more than twenty years and this made it possible to continue developing our work, serving our clients without interruption during the toughest moments of the pandemic ”, points out Juan Carlos de Cabo, Director of Information Systems in Hidraqua.

Graduated in Industrial Engineering, from Cabo he joined the Hidraqua business group 23 years ago. Always linked to the Information Systems area, he has held different positions and responsibilities throughout his career. “Shortly after entering the company, geographic information systems were incipient technology and I was implementing this type of systems nationally and internationally, until in 2001 I returned to Alicante where I have held different positions”. In 2014, Cabo became Chieff Information Officer or Director of Information Systems at Hidraqua.

“Investing in cybersecurity, innovation and digitization are useless if they are not accompanied by business transformation at all levels.” Hidraqua has been committed for years to evolution and this has led to a continuous improvement in the experience offered to the customer as this experience is increasingly safe. “Cybersecurity is the key element for the digitization of services. During this pandemic, we have seen how the vulnerability of the systems has endangered the safety of citizens; without clutch, from Hydraqua We can say that we have guaranteed this security to each and every one of our clients, without exception ”.

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In 2020 we all witnessed how digital services were the interface between companies and customers. A process that to date was being gradual and that accelerated exponentially as a result of the pandemic. “However, only those of us who already had a robust, agile and intelligent strategy as a base were able to arrive on time; and with a service based on experience, where the security, availability, integrity and confidentiality of the data and the information systems that support them are essential ”.

“Our implemented cybersecurity policies show that we are prepared to stop the attacks we suffer on a daily basis. In fact, every day the business group of Hydraqua it receives and stops a multitude of cyberattacks ”. And it is that during the pandemic there were many systems that did not know how to withstand them and the consequences that this entailed were serious.

INCIBE source. Cybersecurity Balance 2020

“For example, in February this year, the media published the cyber attack on a water treatment plant in the US, with which they managed to alter the water with a corrosive and poisonous chemical. Although the plant personnel and the monitoring mechanisms detected this attack and were able to stop it, there is no doubt that it is an extremely serious event that could have put the health of an entire city at risk ”. However, it is not necessary to go so far to see how administrations, public bodies and other companies in the sector have seen their systems fall as a result of this lack of security and the ability to deal with them.

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“For all this, in Hydraqua we have a comprehensive security vision and we take into account the human, legal, social, economic and technical aspects of all the risks that may affect the development of our activity ”.

The concept of security in the 21st century must be broad, dynamic and cover all areas of security to protect essential services and critical infrastructure. The response to risks and threats requires cooperation with a multidisciplinary approach and joint actions in both logical and industrial cybersecurity, as well as in physical security and continuity of service.

“Since at any moment they can attack us, from Hydraqua we have always worked with this vision. With the large number of emerging threats, both external and internal, we have prepared and tested the continuity and resilience plans with which we have managed to be a secure, robust and prepared company to protect information, and therefore all citizens of the municipalities in which we serve ”, concludes de Cabo.

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