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See everything in the MultiVersus Premium Founders Pack

MultiVersus is free to play, but tons of exciting items in the game are locked behind a paywall. Here’s what MultiVersus Premium Founders’ Pack has in store for those willing to spend money on the game.

Warner Bros is blending together an extraordinary collection of universes in its highly-anticipated platform fighting game, MultiVersus. Villains, heroes, and other comic and cartoon characters will gather in the competitive pool of MultiVersus to battle it out. All of this will be free-to-play, but the game will have bundled packages with various microtransactions and character models available.

Shortly after the closed alpha started, players had expected DLC to be launched for MultiVersus. However, one day before the open beta, the contents of the MultiVersus Premium Founders’ Pack have appeared.

Is MultiVersus Premium Founders Pack worth buying?

And it is. MultiVersus Premium Founders Pack has tons of exciting items, but it’s the character tokens are likely the selling point.

Warner Bros is taking an identical approach towards generating income as Apex Legends or Valorant. The developer is adding tempting goodies in a battle pass-like pack that’d cost real money. However, MultiVersus’ first pack may be worth every penny as it comes with virtual money used to buy exclusive items in-game. Here’s everything to see in the new paid pack, according to credible leaker MvsLeaks.

  • 30x character tokens
  • 1xexclusive banner
  • 3 premium battle passes
  • 1x banner (Epic)
  • 1x ring out effect (Epic)
  • 1x banner (legendary)
  • 1x ring out effect (Legendary)
  • 1x unique nameplate
  • 2.5k Gleamium

All of this will be made available through microtransactions as the mentioned content becomes accessible to players. There will also be DLC in the form of new characters that players can claim through character tokens. So far there are 16 characters in MultiVersus, so players can save their tokens for later as the developer has promised many more new heroes to come. With the pack, players can flex early access to new characters.

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Three battle passes are also included in the pack. It’s unclear whether the buyers would have two extra passes to share or if the next three battle passes would be unlocked for free. But it’s undoubtedly a worthy addition to the pricey pack.

How much is MultiVersus Premium Founders Pack?

The exact price of the new MultiVersus Premium Founders Pack is $99 USD. That makes it a pretty expensive option for fans of the game, so players will really need to feel dedicated to playing MultiVersus if they’re going to commit to buying the pack.

What’s Gleamium in MultiVersus?

Gleamium is a virtual currency used in MultiVersus that players can buy using real money. By using Gleamium in MultiVersus, players can stock up their account with exclusive DLC and paid content including character skins, levels, cards, and more.

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