Thursday, September 23

Selectivity in Murcia: Teasing and criticism in networks for how “easy” the exams were

Selectivity in Murcia |  Controversy so "easy" what have been the exams

Selectivity in Murcia | Controversy over how “easy” the exams have been

“A fucking shame.” This is how some Selectividad students rated the EBAU exam they had to pass in Murcia. In social networks, the region’s exams have been the target of ridicule and criticism for how “easy” they have been, according to some twitter users. Complaints from students from other autonomous communities have focused on the Spanish History exam, in an exercise that scored 0.5 and consisted of filling in the gaps in a text with words. In addition, they also accuse the Language and Literature exam of being too easy.

Just this afternoon they met the notes of the EBAU exams in the Region of Murcia. 6,911 students, 95.6% of those who presented themselves approved the first call, a figure higher than in 2020 (92.9%) and in 2019 (93.6%). The grades have also improved, since the average rate of the general phase is 7.15 (in 2020 it was 6.87 and in 2019 it was 6.62).

The supposed simplicity of the Murcian Selectividad exams has triggered hundreds of users to make jokes about it and even some wish they had taken the EBAU exams in the Region of Murcia.

Below, you can see some of the many comments about it that have been shared in Twitter throughout these days, since the exams ended last Thursday.

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