Sunday, September 26

Sella proposes a “self-confinement” of at least two weeks due to the existence of a coronavirus outbreak

A panoramic view of the municipality of Sella.

A panoramic view of the municipality of Sella.

Public buildings and bars closed and all sports and cultural activities canceled. In addition, the hiking routes, especially the Water Route, are closed until further notice. This is the decision that the Sella City Council has made in light of the existence of a coronavirus outbreak in this small municipality in the interior of the Marina Baixa. In other words, there is a “self-confinement” of the entire town for at least the next two weeks to avoid the increase in infections.

And it is that this small town of about 600 inhabitants, according to the data updated by Health this Tuesday, has registered a positive PCR in the last 14 days. According to the sources consulted by this newspaper, after the traces and tests made to possible contacts, there would be more positive ones, although there are still no figures for how many.

It is for this reason that the City Council would have decided to make the decision to leave the town in “stand by” in the next few days and ask the neighbors for “maximum precaution, stay at home and avoid any unnecessary personal contact” , as published by the Consistory on its official profile of a social network. This is how they point out in that message that “all sports and cultural activities are canceled. All municipal facilities, including the City Hall, are closed. The hiking routes (especially the Water Route) are also closed until further notice.”

This “self-confinement” has also been joined by bars and restaurants that “have also decided to close until the situation improves.” The City Council added in its message that “all of Sella we are going to make a great sacrifice” and launched a request to visitors and tourists: “to refrain from coming for a few days to overcome this situation as quickly as possible. We risk everything. Thanks for your understanding”.

Municipal sources pointed out that this decision is “an exercise of collective responsibility” and that it has been taken after consulting with neighbors and businesses. Thus, this “stop” has been proposed to stop possible infections. The intention is to “raise awareness” to everyone and to “be supportive”, both the neighbors and those who, especially on weekends, choose Sella and its surroundings to walk or play sports.

Sella is not the first municipality to decide to declare a “self-confinement” or, at least, suspend activities or close facilities to stop the coronavirus. A few days ago, Tàrbena, which had not registered any positive in recent months, also decided to suspend all non-essential activities, such as the market or classes for children and adults for a few days and the neighbors were asked to take extreme precautions. In the last 14 days, Health has communicated a positive in this town that is added to two other previous ones, according to data from the Department.

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