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Senate Democrats could disobey the parliamentarian and approve protection for undocumented immigrants

Immigrant advocates ask the Senate not to take into account the opinion of the parliamentarian.

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It is still not very clear how they would achieve unity for this, but the Senate Democrats weigh disobeying MP Elizabeth MacDonough and passing protection for undocumented immigrants.

The position comes directly from the main negotiators with the legislative expert on immigration issues, the senators Dick Durbin (Illinois), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee; Alex padilla (California), chair of the Immigration Subcommittee, and Bob Menéndez (New Jersey), Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations.

“I would vote for it … I hope we don’t get there,” Durbin told L.A. Times.

Meanwhile, Senator Menéndez said that Democrats would consider “all options,” although he clarified that he hopes that point will not be reached.

Although some Democrats support not listening to the parliamentarian – and are under pressure from 90 representatives – the senator Joe Manchin (West Virginia), has reiterated that it is not in favor of ignoring that expert’s ruling.

Since the work began to create plan C to protect the undocumented, after the refusal – in informal negotiations – to modify the Registry Law that would allow these immigrants to apply for the ‘green card’, Congress sources told this newspaper that remained “on the table” not taking into account the parliamentarian, but they preferred to wait for her comments on the latest proposal.

The senators’ technical team presented their arguments to Parliamentarian MacDonough on the pardon of deportation for undocumented immigrants last Wednesday., Employment Authorization for 10 years in two periods, permission to travel abroad and the possibility of obtaining a REAL ID, but the expert has not made a decision, which is expected at any time this week.

The plan is part of the $ 1.75 billion bill that would be approved under the Reconciliation process. Both immigration issues, environmental issues, taxes, social aid must pass the so-called “Byrd bath”, in order for the parliamentarian to confirm that they adhere to the rules of the Reconciliation process.

Dozens of civil organizations have lobbied for the senators not to take into account what they call “an unelected bureaucrat” and approve a path to citizenship for the undocumented.

Plan C does not contemplate citizenship, but would temporarily protect 7.1 million people without papers, but an analysis of the fiscal impact of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) indicates that the benefit would be for 6.5 million immigrants.

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