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Sendal, leader in personnel and production

That parents and children of our workers know that they (for the employees) are authentic heroes, because with their work they save lives». With these words, the plant manager of Sendal BD, Rayco Díaz, explains the reason for the open days recently held by this dripper factory in Almaraz, in whose facilities they have created a park with a monolith, in which you can read the inscription ‘In March 2020 there were heroes who wore a gown instead of a cape’, in recognition of its nearly 130 workers, whose average seniority in the company is 15 years.

Apart from the sales figures, which raise Sendal BD to the top of its sector, Díaz insists on the commitment of its employees, in part due to the good work environment and the treatment that BD provides to them, being human resources one of its spearheads. «When the covid arrived, nobody had a clue what it was, in society there was a lot of fear of going out on the street. Everyone wanted to be home, but our employees chose to keep coming to work », he recalls. What’s more, the level of work absenteeism was reduced to historical lows during the pandemic, “thanks to the commitment of these excellent workers.” As a result of this attitude, the creation of the aforementioned park arose, in which most of the employees proudly pose for TODAY.

Among these workers are Patricia Nieto (65% of the people hired are women) and Joaquín Parrilla. Nieto, 35 years old and about to celebrate her first anniversary as a permanent worker, began her employment relationship with Sendal six years ago. “I am proud to belong to this company and contribute my grain of sand to health,” says this young woman from Rosalejo who now holds the position of room manager of the afternoon shift. She is grateful for the involvement of her workers and the training received from her.

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Flexibility and facilities

Parrilla is one of the oldest, 27 years old, and a native of Casatejada. In addition to being in charge of the warehouse and production, he is president of the works council. “The management helps us in everything they can, they behave very well with all the workers.” Both highlight the flexibility and facilities they give to employees.

Díaz insists that both labor rights and occupational health and safety are fundamental in his company and he gives an example: during the making of this report, the Almaraceña factory had more than 700 days without occupational accidents according to the OHSA, an international standard for occupational health and safety management. In addition – he underlines – they have the lowest ratio of the group in terms of claims related to their products, “and during the last two years no worker has voluntarily left the company, and that means something,” he says. .

On the other hand, Sendal BD also works with the Silcee special employment center in Badajoz, where they employ another fifty workers with special abilities.

The popularly known as the Almaraz dripper factory is now 40 years old. It was founded in 1982 under the name of Sendal, which in 2013 was acquired by the American CareFusion and in turn BD did the same with the latter, becoming BD Almaraz-Sendal.

It is mainly dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of equipment related to fluid therapy: infusion equipment (drips), blood transfusion, extension sets for infusion equipment, suction tubes for surgical operations, complementary equipment in cytostatic treatments (against cancer), and so on.

However, in 2017 the diversification of the activity began, printing the paper of the blister packs, assembling kits (the latter meant hiring 455 more people during three months of peak production, in a pandemic, thanks to the manufacture of covid tests), or inspecting needles (for which eight workers have been sent to the United States to train for a month).

Since its inception, the factory has not stopped growing. It currently sits on a plot of 30,000 square meters, of which 10,000 are built on, and of these 1,900 correspond to the so-called clean rooms, where the equipment is assembled.

Regarding its production, it exceeds 25 million fluid therapy equipment per year, 300 kilometers of extruded medical tube per week and 7,000 square meters of medical packaging used per day.

All of this, insists the manager who is visibly passionate about his work and his employees, with a workforce that in 98% of cases resides in the region. “And when other jobs have to be done, we always contract with local companies, so almost all the wealth we generate stays in the area,” he celebrates.

Extremadura from Vitoria

As for Díaz, he is from Vitoria but already considers himself a native of Extremadura. In 2011 he joined the BD group in Madrid and in 2017 he moved to Almaraz, with a plan to become plant manager and increase production, as it has been. “We have to continue growing and continue to be more efficient, since in this way we will be ordered a greater quantity of product.” Also competitiveness. Not hesitating to state that “both in terms of cost and immediacy, we can compete with China. In fact, we are already doing it », he assures.

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