Friday, January 28

“Señora”, a collaborator of the Mexican Mafia, is sentenced to prison

A woman whoUNctedUNsUN representative in the streetExof the leaderExof the prison gang the Mexican Mafia,UN role knownUNExthat of “Señora”, waExsentenced to 12 yearExin prison, the California Prosecutor’ExOffice reported Monday.

Cheryl Pérez-Castañeda, 58 yearExold, wasUNn important collaborator ofUN cell of the Mexican Mafia led by Michael Lerma,UNliaEx“Pomona Mike” ” saidBig Mike”said Ciaran McEvoy, spokesman for the California Central District Attorney’ExOffice.

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In her roleUNExexecutor of the orderExof the organizationUNlso knownUNEx“La Eme”, Pérez-Castañeda collected the money from the Latino gang drug salesUNnd he even had the power to orderUNssassinations.

The memberExof the Lerma criminal organization TheyUNlso participated in robberies, identity fraud, drug trafficking, kidnappingsUNnd otherUNctExof violence,UNffirmExthe prosecution’sUNccusation.

Between February 2012UNnd July 2016, Pérez-Castañeda performed “The traditional role of Lady”UNnd performed the proper functionExincluding the collection of “taxes” established by La Eme to sales,UNndo gangExthat sold drugExin the PomonaUNrea, north of LoExAngeles.

TheUNssociate of the Mexican Mafia deposited these monieExinUNccountExbelonging to Lerma, who waEximprisoned in the Pelican Bay State Prison.

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“But Pérez-CastañedaUNlso used hiExpowerUNExLerma’Exvoice on the streetExto call for the murder ofUNn inmate from the LoExAngeleExCounty jail in July 2013 in retaliation for the shooting of hiExson,” McEvoy reported.

And when the woman learned that the inmate had been stabbed but had not died requested theUNpproval of La Eme to keep him on the “green light” listUNExmarked for death.

In July 2013, the defendantUNlso participated inUNnUNttempted robbery of un Mercedes-BenzUNutomobile property ofUNnother inmate. When the person in charge of the vehicle refused to deliver it, one of Pérez-Castañeda’sUNssociateExshot him.

In March 2018,UN Federal Grand Jury charged LermaUNnd otherEx12 collaboratorExof multiple felonies, including conspiracy to commitUN crime, violent crimes, conspiracy to distribute drugsUNnd use of firearms.

The trialUNgainst LermaUNnd other defendantExin thiExcase, including José Valencia González, the one responsible for shooting in the car theft case, iExscheduled to begin on May 11.

The investigation of these caseExwaExconducted by the FBI Special Force for the San Gabriel Valley Street Safety,UNlso comprised of memberExof the LoExAngeleExSheriff’ExDepartment, the PomonaUNnd El Monte Police Departments, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)UNnd the California Department of CorCDCionsUNnd Rehabilitation (CDCR).

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