Wednesday, June 16

Sentenced to 36 years for raping his children’s babysitter three times

The accused, defended by the lawyer Francisco Miguel Galiana Botella, has also been sentenced for a minor offense of injury to a fine of 900 euros. Likewise, it must compensate the victim with 280 euros for injuries caused and with 30,000 euros for moral damages caused, as stated in the sentence. The defense considers that the defendant has not had a fair trial as none of the proposed evidence has been accepted and has announced that he will appeal the sentence.

The Hearing has also agreed that cannot approach or communicate with the victim by any means during a period of 30 years.

For the court, the victim’s statement has been “forceful” Y has not presented “fissures or contradictions that cast doubt on its credibility”. The Hearing emphasizes that the victim lived “a very difficult state of panic to pretend.” The victim was able to flee the house and after refusing to help her a neighbor contacted two children who notified their father, an off-duty local policeman, and came to the rescue.

The facts declared proven in the sentence occurred in the summer of 2019. A young Moroccan woman began to work in the defendant’s chalet in Calp taking care of her two minor children and the first violation occurred on an indeterminate day between July or August. It was at eight in the morning when the defendant entered the babysitter’s room with a bottle of lubricating cream and with the intention of having sex with her.

According to the sentence, the young woman refused to have relationships and they began to struggle. She told him that she was still a virgin and that she would ruin her life because she is Muslim. However, the defendant grabbed her hard and after telling her that he would kill her if she screamed or resisted, he pushed her onto the bed, pulled down her underwear and penetrated her anally. This happened while grabbing her hair with one hand and hitting her mouth with the other so she wouldn’t scream.

A few weeks later, in late August or early 2019, the second sexual assault declared proven by the Hearing. It happened at ten in the morning and again in the young woman’s room. The Kuwaiti businessman agreed and told her that on that occasion he was going to penetrate her vaginally. The young woman began to cry and beg him not to do it because she was a virgin. The defendant slapped her and after throwing her hard against the bed, he put his fingers in her vagina and again anally raped her.

The third sexual assault occurred at seven in the morning on September 12. The defendant entered the victim’s room, forced him to perform fellatio on her and tried to rape her again via the anal route. However, the young woman managed to get away from the accused and locked herself in the bathroom. When she later left to flee the house, the defendant attacked her and dragged her across the ground while grabbing her hair. The victim was finally able to escape from the house and ask for help.

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