Wednesday, February 28

Separated Miss Ukraine and Miss Russia from the room they shared

The organization of the beauty pageant Miss Grand International, being held in Indonesia, has decided separate the representatives of Ukraine and Russia from the bedroom After the miss ukrainian publicly protest having to share a hotel room with the model of “a terrorist country”.The representative of Ukraine Olga Vasylivused the social network Instagram on Tuesday to publicly complain upon learning that the organization had placed her as a roommate of the Russian miss Ekaterina Astashenkova, during the days prior to the gala scheduled for October 25 in Jakarta.

Vasyliv indicated from the Indonesian capital that he felt “anger and pain” at having to coincide with the representative of a “terrorist country”, alluding to the war between kyiv and Moscow caused by the Russian invasion since February.

“My main goal, purpose and mission is to tell the world about my country, about our Ukrainian spirit, about our beauty, about our strength and about what we are enduring right now,” the model remarked in a publication.


The controversy spread quickly through social networks, where a barrage of users criticized the “unfortunate” initiative of the organization of the event, based in Thailand, which sought with this idea to send a message of peace and against the armed conflict.

Finally, and after a barrage of comments against the decision, the organization chose to place the Ukrainian model in another instance.

Thank you all, I already have my own room. It is a small step, but very important because now more people know what happens to us and our feelings. I’m not going to stop,” the Ukrainian model published last night.

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For her part, the representative of Russia reacted with a message of peace by influencing her Ukrainian family roots.

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“Of my family I am the first person to be born in Russia, everyone else is from Ukraine. For me the political situation is extremely complex and I hope that my voice will be heard during the contest. I am against hate, and for friendship, love and world peace,” she wrote on Astashenkova on Wednesday.

Contestants from more than 70 countries will participate in the final gala of this beauty pageant, created in 2013, which will be held in a convention center in the south of the Indonesian capital.

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