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September 30 Remaining Cool As Rain From Ian Arrives Friday

September 30, 2022

Friday Morning Update

Hurricane Ian is stronger AND larger this morning. Winds around the eye are 85 mph and it will make landfall near Charleston, SC early this afternoon. Tropical Storm Force Winds extend 485 miles away… and may reach Ocean City.

Winds locally will be like a Nor’easter and restrictions are in place on the Bay Bridge. It will be a chilly wind and some may stay in the 50s for a few days.

Rain will spread slowly to southern Maryland this morning, then into Annapolis to Baltimore between afternoon and evening.

The heaviest reign will be through Saturday morning, but showers will last through Tuesday. See the forecast highlights below.

Satellite Snapshot

Sunset Last Night: That was from Ian’s Clouds here.

Even better images than mine were in the comments

Morning Surface Weather

Our set up includes strong High Pressure to the North and Ian to the south. This is a Category 1 Hurricane with 85 mph winds this morning. Landfall today will then bring it inland and spread rain our way for a few days.

Hurricane Ian Morning Update:

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Hurricane Ian Stronger Ahead Of Landfall On South Carolina Today Friday September 30

Morning Temperatures

Rain Forecast Animation: 8 AM to Midnight


Forecast Snapshots

8 AM

Rain will reach Southern Maryland and Ocean City.

4 PM

It may take all day to reach Easton and Annapolis… The Bay Bridge will get wet by the afternoon commute.

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This will be like a Nor’easter. Winds may reach Tropical Storm Force likes in Ocean City.

Wind Restrictions on the Bay Bridge.

Temperatures – Remaining chilly

8 PM

Rain should reach metro Baltimore this evening and continue expanding north tonight.


TODAY September 30

Normal Low in Baltimore: 54ºF

Record 39ºF in 1988

Normal High in Baltimore: 74ºF

Record 92ºF 1986

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Rain Forecast 4 AM Sat to 2 PM Sun

Rain and downpours will taper to showers… but hit and miss all weekend.





Many areas in central Maryland remain in the 50s all day.

Long Range Forecast For Ian

ECMWF Model: Friday Morning to Tuesday Afternoon

Hurricane Ian Forecast Inland Weekend

Rainfall Potential: National Blend Of Models

The heaviest rain will be Southern Maryland to Ocean City and Delaware Beaches where over 5 inches may fall.

Central Maryland will range from over 1 inch to the north to 4 inches south of Annapolis.

Much less father north and west into PA.

7 Day Forecast

Rain showers and chilly winds will continue until early next week.

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Hurricane Ian May Help Cooler Pattern Change: Monitor For Atmospheric Memory This Winter


If you want a snowy winter, this is what you might want to look for in the rest of the tropical season.

Record August For No Named Tropical Storms: Closer Look At Snow Following

Hurricane Season Forecast: June 1 Through November 30

NOAA 2022 Hurricane Forecast- Above Normal Again

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