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Serena Williams and her not easy marriage | People

Serena Williams, the 39-year-old four-time Olympic gold medalist, has confessed that marriage “is not a blessing” without work in statements to The Question Game de Bumble. “Marriage is not a blessing, for me it has not been,” he admitted “But it can be if you work on it.” He also added during the video that “a deciding factor for me in a relationship is definitely loyalty.” The tennis player also offered some advice for anyone dealing with a broken heart. “Anguish is part of life, be it for a loved one, a boyfriend or an animal,” he reflected. “But time heals all wounds.” The couple formed by the athlete, one of the most successful and famous tennis players in the world and the internet guru and founder of the Reddit platform, 38 years old, is one of those powerful unions that mix spectacle, millions and brains.

When they first met, Alexis Ohanian had never seen a tennis match, and Serena Williams didn’t even know what the hell this Reddit thing was. In fact, at first glance they took regular. They had both been late for breakfast buffet from the hotel in which, coincidentally, they met in Rome and ended up ordering something to eat at two tables, very close together, next to the pool. Williams was with his team and Ohanian working on the phone, very close to the group of the tennis player, who taunted him by saying if there would not be more space in the immense complex. In the end, the pique ended with the entrepreneur and Reddit co-founder sitting at the table with Williams and his entire troop. A year and a half later, they returned to that hotel to the surprise of the athlete, this time in a suite full of flowers, where he proposed to her.

She and the Reddit co-founder tied the knot in November 2017 during a ceremony in New Orleans attended by Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian West, and Anna Wintour. On the other hand, Meghan Markle, one of her great friends, was not there. The couple had previously had their 3-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia Jr. “I learned that love is an amazing feeling. And if you have the opportunity to feel it, then it is something special, “he says.

The couple has always shown their spirit of solidarity and claim. A year ago Ohanian, of Armenian origins and with an estimated fortune of about 62 million dollars, decided to say goodbye to the board of directors of Reddit, the technology company that he founded with his partner Steve Huffman in the early 2000s to be replaced by a black person. He is also fighting to establish paid paternity leave in the United States.

The 23 Grand Slam winner in these very personal statements that she reveals in the Bumble video revealed that motherhood was always in her plans: “I always knew that I wanted to have children. I never thought when, but I always knew that I wanted to have children at some point ”. It is common for the athlete to publish photos with her daughter in which the little girl is already seen with a racket in hand.


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