Monday, September 25

Sergeant Candelaria, the Chilean who went from being a domestic worker to a key informant in the war against the Peru-Bolivian Confederation

  • Fernanda Paul
  • BBC News World

Candelaria Perez

Image source, Ministry of National Defense, Chile


Candelaria Pérez (1810-1870) actively participated in the war against the Peruvian-Bolivian Confederation.

Of all the life options that a Chilean girl of humble origins like Candelaria Pérez had, being an informant and a war soldier was probably one of the most difficult to imagine.

But, against all odds, this woman ended up fighting for her country nothing more and nothing less than in the Battle of Yungay, which marked the end of the war against the Peru-Bolivian Confederation (1836-1839).

Her fascinating story is a mixture of courage and good coincidences, which make Chile remember her as one of its great heroines to this day.

In Peru and Bolivia, however, it is not widely known. According to the Peruvian historian Cristóbal Aljovin, there is no memory of her in his country. The same was told to BBC Mundo by Marilú Soux, a Bolivian historian.

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