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Sergi Doria: The Favorite of the independence movement



The horrible week of Barça, had its happy moment with the victory over Sevilla and the pass to the final of the Copa del Rey, a ‘monarchical’ trophy that the nationalist barcelonismo despises when it does not have to win. In the absence of Champions …

But joy does not last long in the poor man’s house. And this Barça is very poor: financially ruinous, morally destitute.

Núñez left twenty years ago and his successors would not buy them a second-hand car.

The club holds elections with Bartomeu and three of his people accused of unfair administration and corruption between individuals: Óscar Grau (general director), Jaume Masferrer (advisor) and Román Gómez Ponti (legal services). The former president made two mistakes: wasteful incompetence and low-pitched speakerphone.

The candidates. Víctor Font, with his amnesic slogan: “More future, less nostalgia”; Joan Laporta, the Favorite; Toni Freixa (former director of the Favorite, Rosell and Bartomeu).

This is what this Catalonia gives of itself. After the reverse of the Pimec, the independence smells of victory, although this Barça only provides opacity. Who guarantees the 125 million of the new president?

The favorite. Under his mandate from 2003 to 2010, Barcelona won a dozen football titles and fifty in the sections (basketball, handball, roller hockey and ice).

Yes, but… In a short time the Favorite went from solution to problem. And that problem is called politicization in the form of independence.

The president came from the Partit per la Independència that Pilar Rahola and Àngel Colom founded after splitting from Esquerra: in 2000, after a triennium of fiascos, it was Colom’s turn to ‘turn off the light’, that is, pay bills: he ran to the Palau so that the looter Félix Millet loosen 72,000 euros with which to pay for the ‘patriotic’ adventure.

To win the presidency, the Favorite baited Beckham’s (unborn) signing; He promised to lift rugs, but there was nothing; he allied himself in the Federation with the murky Villar; appeared in China with a contract of 150 million in advertising on T-shirts that did not crystallize; involved the club in the pro-Statute campaign; He assured that his brother-in-law did not belong to the Francisco Franco Foundation; dismantled the board and ‘purged’ sections; He had a tantrum in his underwear at the airport; it fractured the social mass; its CEO, Joan Oliver, spied on members of the board …

Oliver, who thought that “Spaniards are sausages because they are Spanish”, reappeared with the Favorite in the Core Store: in 2015 the consultancy took over Reus and ended up liquidating it. An example of management!

When his term ended, the Favorite returned to politics with Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència y Democràcia Catalana. Deputy in the first formation, councilor in the second, he was heating up the seat.

The COU of the Favorite in the Marists was not very exemplary. This is how he told Jordi Sacristán in ‘Què vols ser quan siguis gran?’ (Rosa dels Vents, 2004): «There was a physics teacher who seemed like his goal was to annoy the students and take terrible exams. That first semester everyone failed, even the top of the class. Some of us got angry and after a complex strategy we took over the physics exam that that teacher had prepared for the following term. We distribute it to all friends. Students who got two and one in that subject got eights and nines. I did it to be fair, but there were people who were overly enthusiastic and got ten. We told them ‘Don’t go overboard, they’ll tie us all …!’ Finally, they smelled it … And they expelled him.

Recently, the Favorite returned to Luz de Gas to collect signatures. There he celebrated a victory over Madrid in 2009 by showering with French champagne (70 euros a bottle). His bailongo – flaccid habano, soaked shirt – hangs on the net.

Images only surpassed by the Rahola paella in Cadaqués (August 2016). Political promiscuity has never been so explicit: Trapero, Puigdemont, the Favorite, Helena García Melero (TV3) … When they sang “Let it be” -kumbayá version with estelada- they remembered Ortega Cano from “We are so comfortable”.

The Favorite is authentic. Comparable to Núñez of «al soci no se’l pot enganyar», or Pepe Isbert of ‘Welcome Mister Marshall’ («as your mayor that I am»), he shines in that harangue to the peñas: «They are tricking some of me! of you and I do not like to be duped! … Do not fall into the trap with all those who claim to be from Barça because if not, no one would read or listen to them … Beware, we’re not so bad, man! »

Well, to the parrot. With the Favorite or with Font, the independence movement will take Barça and deepen the disaster.

From ‘more than a club’ to a club that has fallen short. From that pride to this shame.

Sergi DoriaSergi Doria

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