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Sergio Buenacasa: «I have missed a great opportunity at Hercules, but I will score important goals here»

Sergio Buenacasa (Zaragoza, April 19, 1996) has marked two goals with him Hercules in 15 games and he himself assures that “Could perfectly take six or seven”. He does not flagellate himself for missed opportunities, he assures that the dressing room is a “pineapple” and emphasizes that Manolo Diaz It has changed the mentality of a team that until the arrival of the new coach “went a long way back” and did not command the games.

More encouraged this week to leave behind your disappointment after the game against Ibiza?

Yes; that happens from the next day. I know the theory on how to face and overcome mistakes. I try to improve and have it affect me less because you don’t get any benefit from coming home fucked up and spending two hours on the couch like that. I couldn’t help being hurt after that game because I knew that the team would have had more peace and security if I had scored my chances and because a striker lives off that. I was screwed but already on Monday in the following training session I raised my head and there is no time to look back.

How do you cope with that frustration of having many opportunities, generating enough of them and not scoring them?

It is a different situation for me because in other years I have scored more goals with fewer opportunities. I always say that I would rather have them and fail them than not have them because the important thing many times is to generate them. If you can do it, I want to believe that they will already enter. And with that mentality I go. It is true that it is difficult for a forward to know that you are losing opportunities and that in some cases they have cost the team points; And that is what hurts the most and you throw yourself in your face the most. Obviously, I want to put in all the actions, my team knows it. If it costs more for them to enter now, I have to keep working to get it. No choice.

Yes, you have the recognition of your work and your ability to create occasions for you and your colleagues …

Yes; teammates, club people and fans have sent me a lot of messages these days and I am very grateful to them for their support for a player on their team who left that game screwed up. That shows the feeling of the people and it is a pride for me. And the teammates and people of the club try to encourage me to improve it … And that the messages are positive because similar situations can happen to all the teammates. It is about making pineapple together.

In the end, the forward’s bread, his reason for being is the goal …

Yes; It is like that, although I have never liked being a striker who only scores goals, I have always tried to do much more. But the reality is that, in the end, what marks a striker are the numbers; and it is what they ask of you. Every time football is based more on statistics, goals, minutes … Perhaps that essence of everything a player generates will be lost, which goes much further than the goal, although I am the first to be punished when I do not score occasions. Soccer is much more.

Do you have the feeling that you have missed an opportunity for those two goals in 15 games in the absence of Acuña and Benja?

Yes, of course. If instead of two, I had six or seven goals, which I could easily take, my personal situation in the team would be different. In the end you see a leading striker who finishes plays and scores goals and that translates into points. On a personal level, I would be more confident. If he had transformed the chances of previous matches, perhaps on Ibiza day he would have had a cool head to score a goal … Everything is streaks. I believe in them and now, whatever I do, it seems that it is not going to enter, but as soon as one enters it it will change.

He scored 14 goals three seasons ago with Barakaldo and then it took him a lot more to see the door. Why?

In the last two years, I was practically one and a half injured. And last year in the second round with Málaga I didn’t have a leading role either and I entered 20 minutes. I base myself on this year and on this new situation of having so many chances and playing, but I want to value positive things like feeling well physically. There are still games left and I think that those goals that I have not scored can still come and that they will be important for Hercules. I am still not able to explain to myself why this year it is harder for me to score goals when in all my life I have not had so much difficulty.

What has changed in Hercules with Manolo Díaz?

For starters, the pressure. It’s the first thing that got into our heads. We were a team that we expected long ago; We were winning and we locked ourselves up; we got a lot behind and so you submit to the rival, they believe you much more and you do not own the game. We have changed that mentality with Manolo because he makes us push up and after that pressure play forward. That’s how it was against Ibiza and that allows us to be more owners of the game and propose more. As the weeks go by, the team feels better, the concepts will become more intoned and clearer.

How do you define your team?

Like a pineapple. We have had to go through good and bad situations; changes of coaches; and we’ve been together in all of them and that will be reflected at the end of the season. Another team that has gone through these situations could find it harder to lift their heads. And we have done it and we are going to do it because we are all going hand in hand for the goal. And I think we are one of the best squads in the category. We are getting better; there is the bottom of the wardrobe and among those who do it well. The team always performs.

He has played for Mallorca and Málaga, clubs with high demands. Do you notice similar pressure on the Hercules, even though it’s in a lower category?

For the Hercules fan it is complicated because every year they carry more weight and more anger at not seeing their team in their rightful place, but it is very difficult to climb in this category, and this year more. The player of this club knows what is coming. The pressure is less noticeable, obviously, because the field is empty. Hercules fans and this club are demanding. Every day you have to win and that is positive.

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