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Sergio Dalma: «My desire is always to evolve and surprise»

It will land tomorrow at the Rotunda of the Municipal Park with two passes at 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Do you want to dance back together?

Imagine the memes that there have been these months of dancing stuck together, what it means is to wish and embrace that normality that we now realize is so precious. Sometimes the things that are part of the daily routine we do not give importance and are the basic ones and it is now that we realize it. We really want. In these last two weeks that we have started in Barcelona it has been very exciting. It was a shock at first to see people with the mask but there was so much desire that we could do everything.

Elche will be the first city in the province where the tour will resume with this long-awaited concert (organized by Imaginalia Eventos, a company of the Cope Elche group). How do you deal with it?

It will be in a special way because it is the first one we do outdoors and that smells of summer and freedom in all aspects. To the people, and I am the first to go with fear to closed areas, we want to communicate what has been said during the pandemic, that the culture is safe, that they be very calm and even more being outdoors, that they go wanting to enjoy and get away.

How to concentrate 30 years of career in just a few hours?

If it was already difficult to summarize 30 years in a show, imagine doing it in two passes that you are limited to an hour and a half due to logistics. Unlike the other tours, it is a tour of celebration, of celebrating with the public. We do a part of the show very thought for the unconditional fan where we recover pieces of songs that I have not even sung live and some that we have not sung for a long time, and we are reviewing all these 30 years. It is very emotional that even if we wear a mask you see the brightness of the people in their eyes, in their eyes as they discover the songs and more than ever it is a very emotional concert.

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The question is to continue vibrating …

Unfortunately, we look little into each other’s eyes and if this is a way of recovering it, welcome. Even if they wear a mask, I tell them: Sing, sing, you can hear it! And you really can hear it (laughs).

«More than ever it is an emotional concert and even if we wear masks you see the sparkle of the people in their eyes. I’m flattered”


Do you have any connection with Elche or with the province?

I love this area because on a personal level I travel there many times because of the weather. I always tell the same anecdote and that is that I have some fans since the beginning of my career and they always bring me that tray with dates, which can drive me crazy, so imagine, like a fish in water. I have always had a very warm and loving audience since we first set foot on that land. And now more than ever I have to celebrate these 30 years with them.

When the tour was interrupted, he felt a kind of outstanding debt with the public. Will it end that thorn?

We had 11 concerts of the tour, the last one was in Alicante and it is a tour that was very special, emotional. You noticed the communion with the people and that your illusion was truncated was terrible in the face of something so unknown and painful. After 14 months I got that stage fright of what it will be like to sing again and return to the stage, but to meet again with my team, colleagues, and the audience has been divine, eager to continue and not stop.

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He has been the architect of putting the soundtrack of love for 30 years. Will you be insured again at your next job?

Each album is different, people consume music in a different way and society has changed. In my desire is always to evolve and try to surprise. We have taken advantage of the confinement to work with authors, look for topics and prepare a work that if everything goes well will come out at the end of the year. The essence of Dalma is maintained but it is necessary to evolve.

How have you sought inspiration with the pandemic?

There are moments of everything, of disappearing and of being dejected, worried and feeling angry and helpless in such a difficult situation. In the end you enjoy your house, I had just moved, and what you normally cannot, but then you lack the most important thing which is work, which is also my hobby and being with my colleagues, the public, that’s why we started to look for repertoire. We spoke with authors and as songs were coming in, we were already seeing some light. We knew we were going to start the tour and after 14 months meeting my colleagues has been one of the most emotional things that could have happened to me.

Do you feel like your music is transcending for generations?

It is something that I have always placed a lot of value on. For a musician, passing from one generation to another is the most important thing and what you always want, my spirit was never to capture a new audience or change my style or make it different in any way. I think that in the end the parents, siblings and the family have been there and some of the children have returned to the concerts. It is wonderful to see you all together. It’s nice that after 30 years this continues to happen, I feel tremendously flattered.

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