Thursday, December 9

Sergio Mora gets fed up with red

The anomaly is overwhelming: six red cards in four games, the first in the League. Nobody equals that record in all of Spanish football. In the last preseason game, against Callosa, at home, seven days before the start of the championship, Solbes, as soon as he left the field, went to the shower establishing a behavior that has already become a self-destructive mania.

The Madrid coach, in his first adventure as head coach, is also learning. He let it pass the first two times, he appealed to the maturity of each one to reverse the dynamics. It worked on the third day. There were three reprimands, it is true, but none definitive. On the fourth, start over. A perfectly avoidable expulsion of Adrián López, who measured his departure very badly, was joined by Aketxe, who after receiving the first card, he applauded the referee in the face and he went to the booth leaving the team with eight field players.

Aketxe, at 32 years old, who has spent barely an hour on the grass this course, now has three yellow cards


The case of the Basque striker is paradigmatic and explains the problem well. He is 32 years old, he is a veteran, he knows Second B very well and, even so, he is not able to control his anger. He has played for an hour and already has three yellow cards, he goes out to one every 20 minutes.

Sergio Mora’s call to order before yesterday’s rest day was aimed at remembering the seriousness of what happened, the depth of the problem, the individual responsibility of each with everyone else, with the team and, at the same time, to expose the conditions that determine the arbitrations.

The Madrid coach underlined the youth of the referees destined to direct the meetings in the fourth category. Newly arrived judges, with aspirations, wanting to be respected among so many hardened gentlemen, who interpret the rules to the letter, without the residue and the left hand that experience gives, without passing or half to anyone, asserting above all their authority.

It is shocking to see that all those sent off, except Adrián, are players with a lot of accumulated experience


Mora does not want more repeated protests, does not want to see more footballers systematically recriminating refereeing decisions because it has been shown that collegiate members have memory and, if you give them the opportunity, they take their toll without any remorse.

The Hercules, for a year, has drawn up an internal regulation that contemplates sanctions, among other things, to punish with fines the expulsions that are commonly defined as “avoidable”, that is those for angrily protesting, rudeness or disqualification … Of those there have already been three: two in front of Intercity in Villafranqueza and one in Alzira. Many. Too many.

The system that Sergio Mora advocates supports his success in physical deployment, defensive intensity, positional control and that, with fewer troops, always ends badly. It is conscious and, therefore, he read them the primer on Monday.

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