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Series on HBO | Criticism of ‘From’, worthy successor to ‘Lost’

A still from ‘From’.

A cursed town, from which you cannot leave, is the inexplicable scene of a dark story where the inhabitants of the place, trapped and desperate, hide their secrets while fleeing from a supernatural threat.

Borja Crespo

A typical American family travels in a motorhome through the deep United States. The trip is cut short when the trunk of a fallen tree prevents the vehicle from moving along the road. They dodge the obstacle by changing course in search of their destination but, taking another route, they cross a strange town where they do not seem to be well received. After asking the locals for the easiest route to get back on the road, with little luck and zero empathy on the part of the townspeople, they suffer a tragic accident that takes them off the road and definitively interrupts their vacation plans. Before taking the fatal swerve, the initial route was broken, the tourist van did not stop crossing the same scene over and over again before the impassivity of the passers-by, as in an infinite loop. Perplexed by the unexpected situation, the couple and their two children, a boy and a teenager, receive help from the sheriff, his deputy and a nurse who behave strangely. They are afraid of nightfall, and it is not for less. When the sun goes down, several human-like lost souls make an appearance that become predators under the moonlight. Like vampires, you must not let them into the house or they will cruelly disembowel you, with astonishing ease. To avoid the threat, all doors and windows must be closed tightly and a stone with runes must be hung in plain sight to scare away noctivorous creatures. The amulet drives away the horrifying spectral beings, a mix between the revived dead from ‘The Risen’ and the bloodsuckers from the second installment of ‘Blade’, which opened their jaws wildly when they were near their victims when they smelled blood. A kind of anthropomorphic, lethal and perverse chupacabra. This is the beginning of ‘From’, a series worthy of ‘Lost’ and an interesting surprise among the releases at the end of the year. It appeared without promotion on the HBO Max menu and the word of mouth is working, especially among fans of the fantasy genre.

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‘From’, a dramatic thriller with overtones of psychological horror where nothing is what it seems, has an ensemble cast and follows the same scheme popularized by ‘Lost’, also present in one of the titles of the moment, ‘1899’, available on the Netflix menu, which has been given more hype and cymbal. Each of the characters hides a secret that is revealed as we get more information about the mysterious situation. The town, the nerve center of the action, the perfect context -whose name is never mentioned-, is reminiscent of Buñuel’s ‘The exterminating angel’: no ​​one can leave their domains and beware who dares to step on the streets when darkness reigns. Stephen King’s confessed shadow is long. The weight of the master’s work in the plot is evident: ‘The Dome’, ‘The Mystery of Salem’s Lot’, ‘The Stand’… It exploits some commonplaces, but the final result finds its personality thanks to the development of the main characters, whose mood mutates according to the circumstances, moving in gray areas, with ethically reprehensible decisions to save their skins.

Caught up

Horror there is just enough in ‘From’, but when it comes to scaring the viewer, its top managers spare neither resources nor blood (note, the Russo brothers, exalted by Marvel, appear in the executive production together with some bosses of ‘Lost’ ‘). There are striking gore scenes and a good dose of uncertainty that captivates the public devoted to this type of stories with a sinister side that is supported by the tension generated by a claustrophobic scene and the reaction of those involved to confinement and intimidation. The monsters are not the only curse present in the plot, but also the conflicts that arise in the group, suspicious and reserved. Community behavior in the face of adversity, as in ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and its surrogates, can be the worst apocalypse. No local is native, write down the fact: each family and neighbor comes from a different part of the US and no one remembers exactly how long they have been isolated.

‘From’ poses the portrait of a handful of human beings who are forced to live together in the same limited territory with no possibility of escape, a microcosm where space and time seem to be frozen. It has in its cast, curiously, one of the actors from ‘Lost’, Harold Perrineau, also seen in ‘Z Nation’. The artistic team is completed with other unrecognizable names, including Eion Bailey (‘Stalker’), Catalina Sandino Moreno (‘The Quarry’), Shaun Majumder (‘The Cover’), Avery Konrad (‘Honor Society’), Hannah Cheramy (‘Colossal’) and Simon Webster (‘Most Dangerous Game’). Created by John Griffin, the lack of originality in the script of the ten chapters is evident, but the series is firm in its narrative, it does not become thick like other proposals made with similar scraps, it leaves clues without being confused and is being well received by a diverse audience that is eager to have another season soon, according to social networks. By the way, he makes a good diptych with the equally recommendable, and superior, ‘Yellowjackets’, of which there will be news soon.

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