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Serious accident of Emilio de Justo

Emilio de Justo is caught by the bull during the Palm Sunday bullfight at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid. / EFE / Marshal

His feat of announcing himself as the only sword is settled with a hair-raising fuck when charging the lunge of the only bull he could kill. Fracture of two cervical. The outstanding Álvaro de la Calle, unexpected protagonist

Of the six bulls with which it was advertised, only Emilio de Justo was able to kill the first, a precious cinqueño cárdeno de Pallarés. From the meeting with the sword in the opposite fate and outside the lines, Emilio emerged turned upside down. On the ground, the bull did for him, which was released from the prey, but caused confusion. They almost dragged Emilio to the burladero of line 7. The appearance of the bullfighter at the head of his three groups had been celebrated with authentic clamor, they had forced him to salute from the third before the first bull was released and they had lived like a party the whole job: the cape receipt for simple verónicas and, above all, a crutch move raised without even prior proof and, therefore, of risk and tension that he had, just before the fatal lunge, a round with the left extraordinary for its fit, its basting and its coda of two trenches and the chest.

The bull had started running at full throttle and in an unexpected attack from boards to the horse for the first rod and with the horse he fought bravely. At the end of the punch he charged a kite but got up immediately. Emilio hesitated to remove, he gave up when he saw the bull come gazapeando, who went like a breath to the horse for the second rod and broke it without hardly having been punished. The third was changed, not without some protests, the bull galloped and chased wildly in banderillas and Emilio de Justo toasted heaven by making the sign of the cross with his montera. The start of the task was in the manner of the great Antoñete: the crutch on the left, distance and outside the lines. The proverbial reason for “soon and at hand”. The bull’s response was immediate. Greed unleashed, sizzling replays. Only when finishing off the second round did Emilio seem completely sure.

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  • Bulls
    Six bulls from different farms. 1st, from Pallares. 2nd, by Domingo Hernandez. 3rd, by Victorino Martin. 4th, by Victoriano del Río. 5th, from Palha. 6th, from Parladé. The bull of Victoriano del Río, «Duplicado», number 145, awarded with the return to the ring.

  • Bullfighters
    Emilio de Justo, the only sword, caught and turned after taking the thrust with which he killed the first. In the fall, according to the diagnosis of the medical team in the square, he suffered a fracture of the cervical C1 and C2. Serious prognosis. Álvaro de la Calle, first outstanding, killed the five outstanding bulls. He went around the ring in the fourth, was silenced and warned in the second, third and fifth and applauded in the sixth and at the end of the run. Óscar Bernal, who scored fourth, was highly applauded. José Chacón singlehandedly ran that bull with genuine mastery and was acclaimed for it. Excellent pairs of Chacón himself, Jesús Arruga and Andrés Revuelta

  • Square
    Spring, windy. 20,130 souls. Two hours and forty minutes of function

When he changed hands he found a different bull, which opened more and began to get nervous, he came to let go without warning. Emilio’s solution was radical: return to the bull, get on the right, but with a change of hand insist on the left and curdle the most exciting batch of all. He still felt the bull somewhat raw of rods then. The violence with which he attacked Emilio after the lunge seemed proof of that detail. Perhaps Emilio was guilty of being too hasty in choosing a killing ground, but he was determined to begin his afternoon of the six bulls, the first major event of the course, with the ears of the opening bull. It could not be. Five minutes after entering the infirmary, it was announced over the loudspeaker that he would not be able to continue the fight. An hour and a half later, word spread about the seriousness of the attack: two cervical fractures.

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Emilio de Justo suffers a very hard fuck and cannot continue his imprisonment in Las Ventas

In the hands of one of the two outstanding, Álvaro de la Calle, from Salamanca, was the rest of the bullfight. five bulls. The ranchers who responded to Emilio de Justo’s request for this commitment more than fulfilled his word. Victoriano del Río threw a fourth of extraordinary style and unmistakable bravery – three punches reloading; Victorino Martín and Juan Pedro Domecq -with the iron of Parladé- sent two bulls more divided than the remaining four, brazen one and precious the other, who had their Pastueño sound in common; Domingo Hernández’s bull, slightly decomposed, was used but to the air of him and Palha’s, very armed, leathery, sinned by collapsing. Álvaro was not distressed by such a demanding ballot, with more or less success he insisted on all the bulls in the cast and he did it in long and spaced tasks with exaggerated pauses. With the bull of Victoriano del Río he achieved his best moments. The gusts of wind, settled with untimely disarms, did not seem to bother him. He was safe and determined with the sword, charged three lunges laid on the first three bulls, killed the offensive bull from Palha from above and with a superb sword without lace and effortlessly finished off the good-natured parladé that closed. Jeremy Banti, outstanding second, gave the fourth a beautiful Mexican accent, three wrapped side throws and an excellent half veronica.

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