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Seven exits out the back door

1. Santiago Bernabéu

Santiago Bernabéu left for Atlético de Madrid in a swift reaction. He only played one game. He repented and returned. It happened in 1920. That year, at the beginning of the Regional Championship, Santiago Bernabéu did not appear in the eleven of the white team. He went to Athletic de Madrid, the current Atlético. He only played one game dressed as a rojiblanco. Bernabéu had left through the back door. The difference is that he returned to Real Madrid.

2. Alfredo Di Stéfano

Alfredo Di Stéfano is the greatest example of the difficulty of understanding that his great stage as a footballer, the best of times for many, is over. We are in 1964. Real Madrid had lost the European Cup and Miguel Muñoz explained to Santiago Bernabéu that a renewal had to be carried out and explained that Di Stéfano was no longer to be a starter. Di Stéfano didn’t want to leave. Muñoz gave the president a pulse and told him to choose: Di Stéfano or him. The president elected Muñoz. The Ballon d’Or went to Spanish. He stayed for two years and retired. The renewal came with Amancio and Zoco, first, and then with Pirri, Velázquez and Grosso, winners of the 1966 Euopa Cup.

3. Del Bosque and Fernando Hierro

Del Bosque had just won the 2002-03 League as coach and was fired on June 23, the same day it was announced that Fernando Hierro was not renewing for Real Madrid, to the surprise of Zoran Vekic, his manager. Real Madrid considered that it was necessary to make a change in the bench and a renewal in the team and they got rid of the coach and the field captain. Later it was analyzed, with the passage of time, that throwing the man from Salamanca was a mistake.

4. Raúl González

Raúl González left in 2010. A year earlier Cristiano, Benzema, Xabi Alonso and Arbeloa had arrived. The Madrid player no longer had a place in the eleven. He had to leave after 16 years in the first team. Farewell to a figure is not easy. It never was. German Schalke was his destiny. He has returned to the club as a coach and directs Castilla.

5. Iker Casillas

The goalkeeper left in 2015 after years of antagonism with Florentino Pérez. The player, through his parents, who were listed as maximum attorneys in his name, filed a lawsuit against Florentino Pérez, when he returned to the presidency in 2009, considering that he did not offer him the renewal he deserved in 2006, a renewal that he did presented Ramón Calderón in his short and corrupt presidency. The Casillas family also sued Ginés Carvajal, then Casillas’s attorney, considering that he agreed with the club not to offer him a better renewal offer. Those muds generated mud that ended the goalkeeper out of the club in 2015. He wanted to say goodbye only on his first farewell at the Bernabéu. And the next day a second farewell was held, with Florentino Pérez and before a large audience.

6. Sergio Ramos

The central is leaving this year after not accepting the offer of a renewal season for a year. He wanted to admit it a week ago, in the absence of truly interesting proposals from abroad, since his three injuries have ostensibly harmed him, but the white captain was surprised to hear that the club had already withdrawn that offer. Its free. The footballer has complained about not having received the same treatment as other teammates

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