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Seven men star in the new campaign against sexist violence in Elda

Presentation of the Elda City Council's campaign against sexist violence.

Presentation of the Elda City Council’s campaign against sexist violence.

The Elda City Council, through the Department of Equality, has launched the campaign against sexist violence ‘Men who add’. It is a campaign aimed at all citizens, and starring seven men of the city.

Alba Garcia, Councilor for Equality, accompanied by the Executive Director of Equàlitat, Jose Luis Sahuquillo, has announced this initiative that “Is framed in the II Municipal Equality Plan of Elda and in the International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women, on November 25. ‘Hombres que suman’, a campaign that we have organized from the Department of Equality, together with the consultancy Equàlitat, participated and equaltat “.

The mayor explained that “The campaign focuses on men, who take a fundamental part in the fight and eradication of this type of violence. In this sense, it is important to show new references in terms of masculinities, that is, positive references that promote equality in all its forms and, consequently, prevent sexist violence “.

García has indicated that “the campaign consists of two actions. On the one hand, seven creatives in the form of banners starring seven men from Elde, highlighted in different areas. On the other hand, an impact video has been designed, in which these seven men will make different types of violence visible and show how they face these problems. Both projects will be broadcast on municipal social networks between November 19 and 25, 2020 ”.

The ultimate goal is “Raise awareness and encourage reflection in the entire neighborhood about what role we can take in combating and preventing existing sexist violence, and how real equality between women and men can be promoted”, Garcia concluded.

The seven men who have collaborated in this campaign are:

  • Ismael José Esteban (president of the Elda Red Cross)
  • Ángel Sandoval (former coach of CBF Elda)
  • Antonio Lizán (president of the Huestes del Cadí)
  • David Marhuenda (director of CEIP Antonio Machado)
  • Fran Vlanco (singer-songwriter)
  • Carlos Martínez (plastic artist)
  • Manuel Barragán (GBM cafeteria manager)

For his part, José Luis Sahuquillo stated that “we believed that it was important to apply a positive campaign starring men. If we influence criminal behavior in many situations involving men, the problem of sexist violence will be significantly reduced ”.

Sahuquillo has highlighted “We have spoken with seven men from Elda, from different fields and professional sectors, to reflect that projection. They are brave men who have taken a step forward to sensitize other men about this problem and each of them has spoken of different types of and areas of violence, such as discrimination in sports, the harmful effects of pornography on our sexuality, workplace and sexual harassment, sexual assaults at parties, psychological violence or machismo in music “.

The canvases have been located in the Multipurpose Social Center of Las 300, the Central Market, the Castelar Theater, Viuda de Rosas and the Civic Center.

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