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Seven neighborhood associations demand that the City Council stop the train parking at the south entrance of Alicante

A shovel clearing the land where the old tracks are

A shovel clearing the land where the old tracks are
Hector Fuentes

Seven neighborhood associations have shown their stupor because the southern coastline of Alicante is going to become a parking lot, initially provisional, for freight trains until at least next September, which blocks the City Council’s plans to convert the area into a green space. The coordinator of these neighborhood associations, José María Hernández Mata, denounces that the Government returns to the city of Alicante. While the agreement signed in 2003 to remove the tracks from the coastal façade in San Gabriel continues to fail, “Minister José Luis Ábalos announced on October 18 an investment of 3,000 million euros for the railway transformation of València and finish with the scar that divides the southern neighborhoods of the city of Turia, which is a great comparative offense “, denounces Hernández Mata.

Associations FRancisco Albert, Alipark, La Florida, Gran Vía Sur, San Gabriel, Babel and Benalúa they wonder if mayors like Joan Ribó, Valencia or José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Madrid, would they have allowed such an outrage ?, in a clear message to Luis Barcala, first mayor of Alicante. Neighbors reject Adif’s project and demand immediate rectification “because Adif’s decision returns the city to the 19th century, with diesel locomotives a few meters from the city center,” denounces Hernández Mata.

Why this grievance?they wonder. “Perhaps because we have a totally paralyzed Local Administration, absent, conformist, immobile, with little vision of the future and with no intention of improving the quality of life of citizens,” says the spokesman for the neighbors, who insist that “as citizen groups We are aware that we are not facing a historical moment for the city, which is why we ask the political forces for a great pact for the future of Alicante’s railway, to bet on the design of a 21st century city that recovers its coastline , kidnapped by the railroad tracks for more than 100 years. A pact to achieve a friendly city. Alicante cannot waste any more time, it cannot miss the train of modernity ”.

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Freight trains will return from March 1, and at least until summer, to the southern seafront of Alicante. When everything seemed that the urban environment located between Casa Mediterráneo and the Barranco de la Ovejas was going to become an orchard in the medium term, in what is popularly known as the southern entrance of the city, the Infrastructure Administrator began this week the adaptation of the old tracks 1 and 2 of the Benalúa station, today the headquarters of Casa Mediterráneo, to convert the area, without trains for almost 50 years, into a freight car park, due to some works that will be carried out in the Castilian-La Mancha station of Chinchilla (Albacete). There was no other place in the entire railway corridor, and as of March 1 and for a period of 4 months, the residents of San Gabriel and Gran Vía Sur will meet again next to the extension works of the Parque del Mar in the port of Alicante with parked freight trains, as happened between 1888 and 1974 when the old Murcia station was in service.

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