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Seven ‘notices’ that you should change jobs

First of all, a clarification. We all know that the world of work is not for many parties, that is to say, that a good part of the country would find itself with a song in its teeth if it had a job: we have to earn our bread even if we are not enthusiastic about what we do. It is a practical, nutritional and irrefutable argument, yes. But another affirmation is also indisputable: to have a good quality of life and be happy, it is very important to find a job that fulfills us, that ‘activates’ us or, at least, that does not sink us. «Being in a job to disgust ends up affecting all areas of your life, because you cannot stop your emotional discomfort and say to yourself: ‘Let’s reach a deal: I’m going to feel this bad for 8 hours a day, but at the end of the day I’ll be happy again and I’ll be lovely with everyone’ “, warns Aida Rubio, team coordinator of psychologists TherapyChat.

'Job hopping', go 'jumping' from job to job.  It is well seen?

As reflected in the latest surveys carried out by Infojobs, right now job happiness makes more water than ever: precariousness and lack of motivation lead one in four Spaniards to admit that they are not satisfied with their employment situation and to consider –although sometimes it’s just an alluring fantasy – a change of third. If you have doubts, Here are six clues that indicate you’re starting to get ‘burned out’ and that maybe you should take action and seriously consider a career shift.

If you find yourself unhappy, no matter how hard you try to keep the type and put a good face on the weather, “the mental effects are immediately visible,” say the experts at Ironhack, a firm specializing in technology and data analysis focused on the search for student work. With teleworking, discontent has increased: the latest study by Cigna, a health and insurance services company, shows that 74% of Spaniards are unable to disconnect, so their levels of fatigue and irritability have increased. Can’t put up with your colleagues or your bosses? Do you feel that every day is the same and that nothing is going to change in the long run? Burned out from having to face multiple tasks that you don’t value? Do you miss hours of ‘eating’ your necessary rest time? Is it difficult for you to disconnect once you finish the day? If you’ve answered yes to many of these questions, Rubio issues a warning: “You can’t keep looking the other way. It is natural that you are stressed and that you are behaving in an irascible way.


Look at the time all the time

Those who spend the day looking at the clock with anxiety because it makes them eternal … they are neither satisfied with their work nor, surely, they will be efficient. Simply because they are not centered. They are bored. According to a survey by the Robert Half agency, 64% of those interviewed said that to feel motivated they needed ‘job hopping’ (change jobs every 3 or 4 years), which for 75% of workers under 34 years of age it is the key to progress in their professional careers. This is much more frequent in other countries than in Spain, where the new generations are also beginning to join (by necessity or not) this trend.


Treat work as taboo

It is normal to comment on aspects or anecdotes of work at home. When avoided at all costs, it is an unmistakable sign of avoidance. You may be mulling over work, but in silence, without wanting to verbalize it.


Be against the philosophy of the company

«Working in an entity with which they do not feel identified on a personal level can be an obstacle, since it is difficult to represent well a project that does not define us“Ironhack officials warn. If you don’t believe in what you do, it is difficult for you to do it well and at ease. And that will mark other areas of your life.


Feel like you only work

“We spend many hours of our day working, we should also spend some resting and enjoying our things and, of course, spending time with family and friends. All this must be in its right balance, because, when we do not attend properly to one of them, we have a table with a limping leg. And that table is you, with your physical and emotional well-being, “says the psychologist. If you have the feeling that you live to work, something is wrong. If you have had to abandon various activities that made you happy, something is wrong.

We work for money, yes, but also to contribute and to have the opportunity to grow professionally. If we consider that we are underpaid in either of these two senses –or both–, it is time to try to change jobs. Because we will be frustrated. “That is why many professionals try to explore new paths. In fact, 48% of employed people consider improving their training in order to have new job opportunities », assure the experts of the firm. Anything to balance your life.


Being tired for no reason

Working tires. It is so. But, when that fatigue is not justified by an excess of tasks or long hours …, be careful, it indicates that our body is rebelling. Stress and discontent – whether we express it or not – takes its toll on us. The most characteristic sign? When the employee begins to feel, when getting out of bed, that facing another day at work costs a titanic effort. “When we are not comfortable at work, a decompensation occurs and, if we do not put a remedy in the short term, we will quickly accuse fatigue in the broadest sense of the word: We are talking about mental fatigue, emotional overload, confusion about who one is and what for, and a reflection of this on a physical level – Aida Rubio points out. In the face of vital fatigue, your body sends you alarm signals, in the form of physical fatigue and somatizations ».

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