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Seven Spanish companies that provide solutions for mobility in electric vehicles

These are solutions that help promote more sustainable, efficient and safe mobility in our cities


Electrification is advancing by leaps and bounds. There are currently seven main new startups within the entrepreneurial ecosystem with
more projection at national level: Droll-e, LastMile, Meep, MÜV, Teikme, Velca and Wifly.

Alfonso Tomefrom Müv, has presented a system that transforms private parking spaces into parking spaces for public use;
Battle Angel He presented the Digital Platform for the Last Mile, a solution that reduces the negative externalities of road freight transport, improves the working conditions of drivers and increases the margins of transport companies;
Emilio Frojan He spoke about Velca, with its electric urban vehicles with a removable battery, designed to promote the sustainability of the planet and the mobility of cities.

For its part,
Ivan Ramos and
Hongyi Chen they presented Teikme, a mobility app that puts drivers in contact with users who need their services using their own car;
Raphael Moreno presented Droll-E, the most versatile piloted electric vehicle for light logistics;
Jaime Sacristan He spoke about Wifly, the first subscription platform for electric bicycles (e-bikes) in Spain; and finally,
William Campomore presented Meep, a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution incorporated in a mobile application that allows the integration of all available modes of transport in a city on a single platform.

All these initiatives have been presented during the I Meeting of Innovators in Mobility, of the
PONS Foundationproposals for new electric vehicles with removable batteries, and digital solutions based on Artificial Intelligence or the well-known MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solutions also played a leading role, sharing space with innovative proposals for new mobility applications and platforms with a shared goal: promote solutions that help promote a
more sustainable, efficient and safe mobility in our cities.

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opened the event
Berta Molina Angulo, director of the Madrid IPR Help Desk, who welcomed the attendees and highlighted the importance of these meetings in order, as she pointed out, “to generate a space for dialogue and collaboration necessary for the Community of Madrid to continue to be a national and international benchmark in matter of innovation in mobility. Next, she gave way to the one who was the moderator and conductor of the meeting,
Juan Hernandez-LuikeCEO of Luike and a benchmark in the sector with nearly 30 years of experience in information related to the world of motoring, innovation and mobility.

He intervened, first,
Eduardo Diaz Sanchez, Head of the Technology-Based Entrepreneur Area of ​​the Madrimasd Foundation for Knowledge. He pointed out that the mobility sector is undergoing a major revolution, partly led by young startups with significant development capabilities. He stressed that this sector, together with the transport sector, has registered the highest investment figures in startups in the last 3 years in Europe. With 193 startups specialized in mobility, according to the head of Madrid+d, the Community of Madrid is already the 4th most important hub in Europe by volume of companies.

Second, he took the floor
Ana Gomez Arche, CEO of PONS Mobility: «with mobility, governments today face one of the great challenges of this century. Today that mobility involves putting the citizen at the center and in order to redefine this new paradigm, technological innovation, new business models and public-private collaboration must play a fundamental role. In this context, supporting the startup ecosystem will undoubtedly be key to moving towards more sustainable, efficient and safe mobility solutions in our cities.”

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