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Seven things and gestures that dogs do and what they mean

DOG | Seven things and gestures that dogs do and what they mean

As much as owners try, fully understand what goes through the head of a dog it is an impossible task. However, the animals have certain habits, expressions O gestures with those who are able to communicate through the body language. And it is that dogs express themselves continuously and tell us things by moving their tail, ears or even their tongue. But this gestures of dogs are not always easy to interpret and certain dog attitudes they can generate doubts. To understand your dog and read the signs You have to pay attention to the details and take into account the movements of the tail and the body, since these play a fundamental role in its nonverbal language. But, as in the humans, the most important thing is the head and the face. The faces of dogs and their grimaces say a lot about mood from you mascot and what happens to him in each moment or goes through his head.

Look directly into your eyes, sleep in your bed, raise your eyebrows, put your ears back … Do you recognize any of these gestures in your dog? Although dogs They tend to be very expressive, we don’t always know exactly what they want to tell us. Therefore, so that you can understand your dog, we explain all the tricks to be able to decipher what each gesture means.

Dogs show their love by sleeping with their owners. GettyImages

Does your dog sleep in your room even when you are away?

Neuroscientist Gregory Berns explained in his book “How Does a Dog Love Us?” that when an animal sleeps in his owner’s bed it’s because she loves him. Although there is some controversy as to whether whether or not to allow a dog to sleep in bed, the fact that it does it even when you’re not in the room is a way of prove your loyalty to you.

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My dog ​​looks me straight in the eye

Brian Hare, professor of anthropology and director of the Center for Canine Cognition at Duke University, says yes your dog looks you straight in the eye it means that he is hugging you with his eyes. According to Hare, this is when the brain of the dog releases oxytocin, the same “love hormones“responsible for creating the strong bonds between mothers and children.

DOG | Seven things dogs do and what they mean

My dog ​​slightly changes his facial expression

Everyone knows that dogs mood can be read in your body language: when it is crouched, when it hides its tail between its legs, when it shows its teeth, and so on. However, a study carried out at the University of Azabu (Japan) showed that dogs also have almost imperceptible facial expressions to the human eye.

To carry out this study, several dogs were placed in front of their owners and in front of strangers. Upon seeing their owners, the scientists saw how lThe dogs slightly raised their eyebrows (especially the right). On the contrary, when they were in front of a stranger they moved back their left ear.

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Does your dog bring you his favorite toy?

Every time you dog brings you their favorite toy or object, which they do especially when you get home, means you are the leader of his pack. This is your way to show your affection and loyalty to you, offering you what he most appreciates. In addition, this way you can take the opportunity to spend a pleasant time playing with you.

DOG | Seven things dogs do and what they mean

Stay calm when you leave

Gregory Berns also explains that, contrary to popular belief, if a dog gets nervous when he sees that you are going to leave the house It’s not because I love you, but rather because of separation anxiety and the panic of parting with you. On the contrary, if the animal calmly accepts that you are going to leave, it means that he trusts you and he knows that you will come back for him.

Dog Body Language: What Do Their Gestures Mean? Fuente: Doggie Drawings by Lili Chin

What does the movement of my dog’s ears mean?

The importance and movement of the ears depends a lot on the race Of the dogIt is clear that a cocker spaniel with long ears is not the same as a Labrador retriever or a German shepherd, since the shape of their ears and their movements are different. The main movement of dogs’ ears It is, although it seems obvious, to listen to its owner. So when you dog tilts head to the side, a gesture that we usually find very funny, is completely focusing its attention on you to better understand your words or your orders, according to an investigation published in the magazine Vetstreet. But the meaning of this gesture is different depending on the position of your ears:

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  • If your dog’s ears are raised or slightly forward it means that he is attentive, he feels curiosity or do you feel like play.

  • If the ears are back but not attached to the head it shows anxiety, fear and even aggressiveness.

  • If your dog’s ears are back and close to the head indicate afraid.

Your dog’s mouth gestures

Even if your dog doesn’t speak, his mouth has a lot to say. And is that the your dog’s mouth it is another of the parts of your body with which you communicate the most. These are some of the gestures of dogs with their mouths:

  • If the dog is relaxed, his mouth is usually closed or slightly open.

  • When he is happy, he opens his mouth wider and may even pant quietly.

  • If your mouth is pulled back, it means that you are very stressed, afraid, or something hurts.

  • The dog shows aggression by pulling back its lips and showing its teeth. It may be a warning (the muzzle is not wrinkled), or it may be that the dog is about to become active and may bite (wrinkled muzzle accompanied by growl).

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