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Seven years in jail for former mayor and Democratic leader in New Jersey for robbery and money laundering

Seven years in jail for former mayor and Democratic leader in New Jersey for robbery and money laundering

Scandal across the Hudson

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Ronald DiMura, the former Democratic mayor of Middlesex (NJ), was sentenced to seven years in prison for stealing thousands of dollars in various funds from local political campaigns, State Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced Tuesday.

DiMura was mayor from 2015 to 2019. When he was indicted by a grand jury, he was still in office. He pleaded guilty in August 2020.

In addition to his prison sentence, you were permanently barred from running for public office and obtaining public employment in New Jersey, as well as paying $ 83,372 dollars in restitution and $ 163,582 more.

DiMura served as treasurer of the county Democratic Campaign Committee Middlesex in addition to running for mayor.

An investigation revealed that between 2013 and mid-2019 he used his position as treasurer for various campaigns to steal around $ 190,000 by making “alleged donations to a local charitable organization he ran,” and then sent money to his personal and business accounts.

During this period, the organization paid only a small portion of the funds for charitable purposes, with the remainder going directly to DiMura accounts.

In 2019 he was charged with robbery by deception, financial facilitation of criminal activities (money laundering), official misconduct and tampering with public records.

“DiMura used his role as leader of the local party for his personal benefit, betraying party members that they placed their trust in him ”, denounced the prosecutor Grewal.

The investigation also revealed that DiMura stole $ 75,000 from various individual investors creating a false impression that they were loaning him money that he would invest on their behalf and would eventually generate a large interest payment. Actually, he also deposited those amounts into his own accounts.

Ultimately, DiMura used his position as mayor to solicit $ 10,000 in donations to a local charity from a developer doing business with the municipality, without revealing that he intended to use the money for personal gain.

“The DiMura robberies were even more egregious because he used a local charity to hide his actions,” said NJ Office of Public Accountability and Integrity (OPIA) director Thomas Eicher. “With this prison sentence, we send a strong message that we expect honesty and integrity from our public officials in New Jersey, and those who act corruptly will face serious consequences,” he reported. Pix11.

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