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Seventeen years in prison for murdering his mother’s partner in Torrevieja

The Provincial Court has imposed penalties totaling 17 years in prison on the 41-year-old Icelandic citizen who pleaded guilty before a popular jury to the murder of his mother’s partner in Torrevieja, a 65-year-old Icelandic citizen. He stabbed him 21 times and the Hearing, after the guilty verdict of the popular jury, has sentenced him to 16 years in prison for a crime of murder and to six months in prison for breaking and entering and threats.

In addition to the prison sentence, the defendant must compensate the two children of the victim with 40,000 euros each and 20,000 euros to the sister of the deceased, relatives who have exercised the private accusation through the lawyer Luis Manuel Albuquerque. The sentence handed down by the presiding magistrate of the Jury Court, José Teófilo Jiménez, states that the highly qualified extenuating circumstances of drug addiction concur in the prosecuted events, as agreed in an agreement between the defense and the accusations. Likewise, it has been estimated that there was treachery and cruelty because it “unnecessarily and consciously increased suffering” of his stepfather by repeatedly stabbing him and leaving him alive and bleeding to death.

According to the ruling, the accused had markedly impaired cognitive and volitional abilities due to habitual polydrug and benzodiazepine use.

The facts declared proven in the sentence occurred shortly before three in the morning on January 12, 2020 in Cruz del Sur street in Torrevieja. The accused, Icelandic like the victim, He went to the home where his mother and his sentimental partner slept with the intention of killing the latter. After entering the courtyard of the house, climbing a wall, he put on gloves thick enough to protect his hands from the attack that he was going to carry out with a 19-centimeter blade and 13-centimeter-handled knife.

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His mother’s partner woke up to the noises coming from the patio and got up to see what was happening. At that moment, the defendant took advantage of the fact that the victim was near the glass of the living room to throw a bottle of butane at her.

The glass broke and the defendant pounced on his stepfather without any possibility of reaction. The victim lost his balance and the defendant stabbed him 21.

The mother of the assailant tried to prevent her son from continuing with the stabbing, but her reaction was to raise the hand with which she carried the knife to tell him that “I am going to kill you all.” The woman fled in fear and her son chased her to the outside door of the house. There they struggled and the mother, who did not report her son or claim for the injuries suffered, tried to stop her from leaving.

Before the arrival of the Civil Guard, the defendant hid the knife under a car mat to flee but the agents arrived. However, he still took advantage of the fact that they went to help the victim to try to escape on foot, but he was arrested in the vicinity.

The sentence specifies that the defendant saw the attack facilitated by the gloves and the knife used and by the impossibility of defending the victim, who was attacked in a surprise and also had mobility problems known to the aggressor.


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