Sunday, January 16

Several coastal communities rebel against the Government in the application of the ‘mask law’



Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community, Catalonia, the Canary Islands and Cantabria have already rebelled against what is popularly known as ‘the mask law’ that was published yesterday in the BOE -effective from today Wednesday- and for which the use of this prophylactic will be mandatory in any public space even if the safety distance -1.5 meters- is met.

In Cataloniaa, the acting Health Minister, Alba Vergés, has asked that citizens are not confused with the mask regulations by the coronavirus in relation to the ‘new normal’ law. Vergés has crossed out this measure contemplated by the Draft Law on “Inconsistency that nobody understands”.

For their part, the Balearic Islands have stated that the use of the mask It will not be mandatory on the beaches of the archipelago as long as there is distance, be with a single group of coexistence or to sunbathe.

The Balearic Government clings to a specific phrase of the new national law that indicates in article 6 that everything will be done “in accordance with the health authorities.” According to the regional legal services, this nuance allows us to understand that the state regulations do not exceed those of the Balearic Islands, so the measures taken by the Executive of the archipelago remain in force. “If we had to change next week or at another time we would make a modification,” added Gómez. However, if you go to the beach or the pool with other groups of coexistence, then the use of a mask will be mandatory.

The Canarian Government spokesman, Julio Pérez, has also been blunt in pointing out that Canarias will continue to apply the use of the mask as before, after this Tuesday was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) the law processed in relation to the Royal Decree adopted on the measures to combat the coronavirus in regard to the use of the mask and that it was extended to all the country.

Another coastal community, La Valenciana, does not want to apply the law published yesterday on the protective shield against the virus in the open air. To the beach without a mask, but with conditions. The Minister of Health of this community, Ana Barceló, has participated this Wednesday in the meeting of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System called by the Ministry of Health and chaired by Minister Carolina Darias. The autonomous government chaired by Ximo Puig proposes the exemption of facial protection if they are kept two meters away and during the bath

The Minister of Health of Cantabria, Miguel Rodríguez (PSOE), has valued that the Law of urgent prevention, containment and coordination measures to face the health crisis caused by Covid-19, known as the ‘new normal’ law, which was approved last 18 March in the Congress of Deputies and has entered into force this Wednesday, it is «Out of context».

“You have to think that the law that was published yesterday in the Official State Gazette is a law that has had its parliamentary processing and really corresponds to the state of normality in June (2020),” he clarified.

At the meeting, in which the new regulations for the use of the mask throughout the national territory were addressed, Barceló announced that the Valencian Community will make contributions to the New Normality Law so that the use of the mask is regulated in the beach areas for the summer season.

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