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Several families are fighting for squatting the floor of a deceased with the body still inside

An agent of the National Police guards the farm where squatter families wanted to enter.  |  PILAR CORTÉS

An agent of the National Police guards the farm where squatter families wanted to enter. | PILAR CORTÉS

Jostled by take over a house where the tenant’s body was still, what had been dead for at least 10 days when the National Police and the Fire Department found him after opening the door. This is what happened yesterday in a social housing building on Catedrático Soler avenue, in the Miguel Hernández neighborhood of Alicante, where the agents had to separate two families who were arguing between squat the floor. Two policemen were forced to guard the property until the Generalitat, which manages the social housing block, commissioned an armored door to prevent illegal occupation. According to witnesses, the families that disputed the apartment were about to come to blows, and one of them wielded the registration certificate of the grandmother of one of the people who was fighting for the house, claiming the right to take it.

Despite the fact that the Valencian Housing and Land Entity (Evha) affirms that illegal occupation is recurrent in the social housing stock it manages, 14,000 in the entire Community and half a thousand in the Miguel Hernández neighborhood of Alicante, yesterday was extreme , in the words of its CEO, Alberto Aznar, aware of what happened both by the neighbors and by the Police. “It is seen that when the ambulance arrived and it was known that a person had died and the house could be left empty, there have been people loitering and they began to vulture. We try to be as diligent as we can, but there comes a time when, even if we partition or put armored doors (in the houses that are left empty), they blow it up and enter ».

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Aznar referred to a recent episode in the Los Palmerales neighborhood of Elche, where they installed a vandal-proof door budgeted at more than 1,000 euros “it was already thrown in two days”. Yesterday, the entity notified as soon as it had knowledge of the death of the tenant to both the Police and a company of armored doors, said the representative of the autonomous entity of public housing.

Two policemen on the landing of the block where a neighbor was found after dying days ago at his home. | PILAR CORTÉS

As confirmed by police sources, the tenant of the apartment, who is about 70 years old, passed away about 10 days ago and while the corpse was being transferred there was a dispute abroad on the floor between several families. «They were fighting, pushing each other, although they have not attacked each other, to squat the floor. It has been guarded until an inspector from the Housing Entity arrived and has taken over, ”they later explained. The witnesses reproached this attitude since even there were bad smells on the floor during the dayI know the dead man was in the house.

The same sources explained that the deceased had relatives, de hechor they appeared at the address after being notified, but he lived alone and it was common for days to pass without him speaking to his loved ones. Were the neighbors who notified the Police and Firefighters after seeing that water came out from under the door of the house, a low, and that he did not answer the calls they made to it. To access the apartment, all the officers, both the security and the Housing entity, took anticovid measures and used individual protection suits, although the cause of death is unknown.

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The general director of the Valencian Housing and Land Entity pointed out that the procedure involves repairing the apartment that has been left empty and awarding it to a family that meets the requirements and the criteria of assessment in terms of the social needs of families in a situation of vulnerability. If it is occupied in the meantime, because the procedures may take about three months until the situation is regularized, it will proceed, he said, to vacate it.

Neighborhood panic in the Miguel Hernández neighborhood

Several neighbors consulted after what happened highlighted that they panic these kinds of situations more and more frequent, of people «whoand they enter with the kick and the floors are dodged». The tenant of a building close to the one where the events occurred pointed out that there are twelve floors in his block and that “there are five legal and the rest illegal.” The president of the Sol d’Alacant Neighbors Association, Lisardo Gabarre, rejected this type of conflict in the neighborhood and recalled that there is a program that has been in place since 2015 with the Generalitat to regularize families that meet the requirements.

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