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Several streets in New York are among the deadliest for pedestrians in the United States.

Pedestrians most at risk in 2021.

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Broadway Av between 173rd and 185th Streets (Upper Manhattan) and Rockaway Av between Belmont Av and Herkimer St (Brooklyn) are two of the deadliest stretches of road for pedestrians in the entire United States.

The first half of 2021 has been the deadliest on NYC asphalt since Mayor Bill de Blasio took office in 2014, according to a new report, despite his promise to reduce traffic fatalities to zero, with his “Vision Zero” program (Vision Zero) to make a city “safer for walkers.”

A record of 124 people died in NYC traffic from January 1 to June 30, 2021: 64 pedestrians, 52 car occupants and 8 cyclists, he highlighted New York Post citing a local report.

In addition, the national study on road deaths, published by Journal of Transport and Land Use, It was conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Arizona State University, and the Toole Design Group planning company. Total, 14 NYC streets were identified as dangerous, incluyendo Grand Concourse entre 179th St and Field Pl. en The Bronx, and Jamaica Ave between 85th St and 98th St, in Queens. The only other broker from Brooklyn to make the troubling list is Brighton Beach Avenue, highlighted

“Pedestrian fatalities in the US are at their highest level in nearly three decades. and they represent a growing proportion of the total deaths from traffic accidents (16%). To achieve the vision of a future transportation system that produces zero fatalities, pedestrian safety must be improved. In this studio, We examine the entire US highway network. to identify runners “Hot spots” of fatal pedestrian crashes: sections of a 1,000-meter long highway where six or more fatal pedestrian crashes occurred over eight-year periods. We identified 34 hotspot corridors during 2001-2008 and 31 in 2009-2016 ″.

On Broadway between 173rd and 185th streets, along parts of the West Side Freeway, there have been seven deaths in that 16-year period. “According to data from the portal NYC Crash Mapper, which records the accidents that have occurred in the city since 2011 to date, in this section of Broadway there have been, in addition to fatal accidents, a total of 227 accidents in which 48 cyclists, 95 pedestrians and 132 people on board have been injured. vehicles ”, he summarized NY1 News.

And in all Community Board 12, which spans Inwood and Washington Heights, there have been nearly 5,000 vehicle accidents, 18 deaths, and more than 6,000 injured since 2011.

In Rockaway Avenue, between Belmont Av and Herkimer Street, eight people died during the 16-year span studied. In total, there have been 380 crashes since 2011, leaving 27 cyclists, 114 pedestrians and 450 motorists injured.

Beginnings of May, pedestrian fatalities in the city had already risen 58% compared to the same period in 2020. Since the pandemic there are also more riders – delivery men and walkers – on the streets. The rental and purchase of motorcycles and bicycles has been experiencing a boom in the city for some time, and many of its users they disrespect the traffic lights and the direction of the roads and, in addition, they have taken the sidewalks, further threatening walkers.

The 14 NYC roads identified in the study among the most dangerous in the country are:

-Rockaway Av entre Herkimer St y Belmont Av. Brooklyn.
-Canal St entre West Broadway y Bowery. Manhattan.
-Brighton Beach Av entre Ocean Pkwy y Brighton 13th St. Brooklyn.
-Bowery entre Pell St y Stanton St. Manhattan.
-East 14th St between Union Sq y 1st Ave. Manhattan.
-1st Ave entre E 11th y 23rd St. Manhattan.
-9th Ave entre W 36th St y W 48th St. Manhattan.
-8th Ave entre W 33rd St y W 45th St. Manhattan.
-Grand Concourse entre 179th St and Field Pl. El Bronx.
-Church St entre Barclay y Canal St. Manhattan.
-US Highway 9/Broadway entre W 173rd St y W 185th St. Manhattan.
-E 23rd St entre 1st y 5th Av. Manhattan.
-Jamaica Ave entre 85th St y 98th St. Queens.
-W 125th St entre 5th y 2nd Av. Manhattan.

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