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Several US companies will cover the trips of their workers to abort


Among them are JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank on Wall Street; the entertainment giant Walt Disney or the technology companies Netflix and Meta

A pro-abortion activist during a protest against the Supreme Court decision.ETIENNE LAURENTEFE
  • USA The US Supreme Court strikes down the right to abortion

Several companies in the United States took a step forward this Friday and offered their workers reimburse the cost of travel to access a legal abortion in the country after the historic ruling of the Supreme Court, which revokes federal protections for this reproductive right.

Among them stood out JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank on Wall Street; the entertainment giant waltdisney or the technological Netflix and Meta, They join other firms that announced supportive policies after the leak in May of a draft that indicated an imminent decision on abortion.

The ruling of the high court allows each state to decide whether to uphold or ban abortionbefore which vetoes and restrictions have been automatically approved, some even with the possibility of jail, which come into force today or in a few weeks in numerous conservative government states.

JPMorgan, according to an internal note obtained by CNBC, has offered its employees additional health insurance benefits to access services that require traveling out of state and specifically for a “legal abortion”, as its rival has already done Citi Groupthe first and only large bank run by a woman.

Walt Disney, also in a communication to his staff disclosed in the media, recognized the impact of the measure and said that he is “committed” to providing extensive medical services to his employees. regardless of where they live and covers “travel” related to family planning and “pregnancies.”

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Netflix told the magazine Variety that their full-time employees in the US have a “lifetime” benefit of $10,000 to reimburse the cost of travel for cancer treatments, transplants, sex reassignment treatments, or abortions through company insurance.

Meta, for its part, told the media that it is “evaluating” the possibility of reimbursing the cost of those trips outside the states to access “reproductive” services to the extent permitted by law, mentioning the “legal complexities” of the matter.

More companies have spoken out in similar ways regarding their employees’ reproductive rights this Friday and earlier, such as Tesla, which moved its headquarters a few months ago from the state of California to Texas, one of those who have banned abortion today as soon as the Supreme Court ruling was published.

Among the group of firms that have publicly said they offer coverage for these trips or have criticized the repeal of federal abortion protections are Apple, Amazon, Paramount, Starbucks, Levi’s, Yelp, Buzzfeed, Cond Nast, Uber, Lyft, Mastercard, or Match Group.

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