Monday, November 29

Seville, capital of digital, inclusive and sustainable tourism

In Spain, the TIS, Tourism Innovation Forum, has placed Seville at the epicenter of tourism innovation with the promotion of digital, inclusive and sustainable tourism for 2022. More than 5,000 professionals, 400 speakers and a budget of one million and a half euros are the figures for this second edition, in which France has been the guest country. Silvia Avilés directs this event.

Five axes: digitization, inclusion, sustainability, recovery and trust

“We are right now the main event specialized in bringing technology to the tourism sector, which is one of the most important challenges that any professional in the tourism sector has to face today, not only in terms of digitization, but also of inclusion and sustainability. “, concludes Silvia Avilés, director of the TIS, Tourism Innovation Summit.

QR codes in times of pandemic

“In fact, it is the ideal time to position tourism and technology together. How can we travel more without touching? Using technology with QR codes. How can we seek technological solutions in the tourism sector in times of pandemic. And it has come in the right moment “, assures Edgar Waggeber, deputy director of the TIS, Tourism Innovation Summit.

With 80 stands and 160 leading firms in the sector, the TIS tries to revitalize a sector that it represents in Andalusia and Spain, around 13% of GDP.

Attract talent and investments to Seville

“The TIS is part of a positioning strategy that we proposed five years ago to position Seville as the capital of tourism innovation. One of the main objectives is to attract talent to the city of Seville, and investments through promotion”, explains Antonio Jiménez, managing director of Sevilla City Office.

Among the strategic axes is the recovery of confidence after the pandemic and achieving a more sustainable model. Airlines play a very relevant role in this regard.

Renew to be more sustainable

“We have been renewing our digital ecosystems. During the pandemic we have taken the opportunity to do a great job. We have renewed our website and our apps. We position ourselves by trying to have the most efficient fleet possible, with the least possible consumption. And that happens by having a fleet in absolute renewal always “, assures Bernardo Botella, of the airline Air Europa.

Return to normal thanks to vaccination

“As countries advance in vaccinations, the whole issue of covid is normalizing and that will allow us to return to mobility, return to the life we ​​had before, and thus make COVID-19 one more disease Not THE disease “, said Bernardo Botella, Air Europa sales manager.

Optimism for a speedy recovery

With optimism for a quick recovery in the sector, this event already has its eyes set on 2022 and 2023 with future editions dedicated to Asia and Latin America.

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