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Sexist violence: 190 women under the age of 21 are at risk of being assaulted by their partner

Demonstration in Madrid against sexist violence.

A total of 190 women under the age of 21 carry a telematic protection device for victims of sexist violence and they are monitored 24 hours a day for high risk to their lives, as detailed by the Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence.

In his latest report, released this Wednesday, the Observatory has analyzed the deaths of women under 21 years of age at the hands of their partners or ex-partners since 2003, year in which the fatalities began to be counted.

A total of 45 minors under 21 have been murdered by their partners or ex-partners since that year (4% of the total number of deaths) and the average age of the victims is 18 years.

The president of the Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence, √Āngeles Carmona, has indicated that these days, 190 women minors under 21 years of age carry a telematics device, “which means that they must be monitored 24 hours a day as there is a high risk to their lives.”

The report shows that the average age of the 45 fatalities was 18.1 years, but 29% of them were between 13 and 17 years old and the youngest of them is a 13-year-old girl, who was killed by her boyfriend, a 39-year-old man, who later committed suicide. By cons, the average age of the aggressors was 25.9 years (8 years older than the average of the victims).

Of the entire historical series – the Observatory highlights – the worst year was 2004, in which 9 young women were murdered. The distribution of the victims by age is as follows: eleven of the murdered young women were 20 years old; 13 were 19 years old; 8 were 18 years old; four, 17; 3 had turned 16; and another 4 was 15 years old. The two remaining victims were 13 and 14-year-old girls.

The aggressors, whose ages ranged mostly between 18 and 30 years, were older than the victims in all cases. In a third of the crimes they were up to 5 years older than the victims, 25% were between 5 and 10 years older and 21.4% of the crimes were committed by men 10 years older. Only one of the assailants was under 18 years of age and another ten were over 30.

60% of the victims are of Spanish nationality

In 60 percent of the cases, the victims were of Spanish nationality, a percentage that drops to 46.7 percent for the aggressors. 40% of the victims and 53.3% of the aggressors were of other nationalities. Only one in four victims had filed a complaint against their assailant and 22% of those killed were mothers, leaving twelve minors orphans.

Ten of those twelve boys and girls were children of the aggressors, while the remaining two were the result of previous or subsequent relationships of the victims. In none of the cases had there been a marital bond between the victim and the aggressor, but there was an emotional relationship, in 33.3% of the cases, the murderer was the victim’s ex-boyfriend and in 15.6%, it was your ex-partner.

In half of the crimes, the relationship was still in force, seven of the 45 victims (15.6%) lived with their aggressor when the crime occurred and in 6.7% of the cases, there was a restraining order in force. After the crime, in 20.5% of the cases the aggressor took off his vine, a ratio very close to the general one of all cases of deaths due to gender violence, which is 21.7 percent.

In most cases (65.9%), the man was arrested and in 11.4%, he surrendered. 2.3% of them tried to commit suicide without success. Carmona has requested the collaboration of education professionals to prevent sexist crimes among the youngest and has warned that they suffer isolation in a more dramatic way, as they fear both the aggressor and the reaction of their parents and feel ashamed to recognize themselves as victims.

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