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Sexist violence grows in San Vicente with 140 women with protection order

Poster made at the gates of the City Hall to commemorate the 25N.  |  INFORMATION

Poster made at the gates of the City Hall to commemorate the 25N. | INFORMATION

The area of Equality of the San Vicente City Council is trying to digest the bad drink of boycott of the talk that was going to address how to detect micromachisms, precisely in a year in which the attention to women victims of gender violence in San Vicente has increased, motivated in good part by the confinement and the current reality of the pandemic.

From Equality they indicate that the company Filias Desarrollo Comunitario that transmitted the act online has already denounced the boycott suffered. And for its part, the Civil Guard is investigating the event in which several people made death threats, uttered sexist insults and projected images of Nazism in the course of a telematic talk organized by Equality.

The presence of one of those responsible for gender violence in the Civil Guard who detected what was happening from the first moment, allowed for a rapid closure of the session, as recognized by the council. But it lasted long enough to stun the participants and forced them to explain the why to those who tried to access the talk a few minutes after starting and were unable to do so.

The councilor, Isabel Candela, highlights the need for this activity. “The speaker was a social worker who was going to reel off the signs of gender violence through a survivor.” The mayor points out that among the attendees there were also very vulnerable profiles, which are about helping and removing fear. And he warns that “if what the cowards who boycotted this talk want was to scare us, they have not succeeded, they have shown us that the path we are following is the correct one. These actions bother them, they want to continue to have power and that we open their eyes does not suit them.

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The data on sexist violence in San Vicente have worsened in a year. Currently the City Council has more than 140 women protected by restraining orders from their ex-partners in force “and there were 120 a year ago,” explains the Councilor for Equality. Which points out that the pandemic, confinement and current reality, with the closure of the hotel industry, has worsened the figures and the “delicate” situations of many women. And in the extreme, the municipal psychologist, Laura Sánchez, explains that during this pandemic year, the number of women who need a remote alarm has quadrupled. Those who have been threatened with death or fear for their physical integrity. The supply of these devices has skyrocketed and a dozen victims are permanently attached to an alarm that geolocates them 24 hours a day because they fear for their lives.

“The majority of victims regret reporting”

The municipal psychologist highlights the psychological damage suffered by most women who ask for help due to a problem of sexist violence. She explains that they do it after suffering an incident, a fight or a police intervention that forces them and regrets that many “regret reporting.” Increasing awareness makes family members or friends detect the problem and try to help the victim, “it is no longer thought that it is a problem that should remain in the intimacy of the couple,” explains Laura Sánchez. Councilor Isabel Candela highlights the benefit of new technologies, “they are a very important support tool, where they can find many resources. Although in some cases they harm us, such as the hacking we have suffered »

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