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Sexual assault case in ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ takes a new judicial turn

The case of sexual assault in ‘The fat and the skinny’ at the hands of former producer, Enrique Albis, takes a new judicial turn and goes from civil to criminal case.

This happens two years after Javier Ceriani Y Elisa beristain will publish in ‘Chisme No Like’ a recording where you listened to Enrique Albis, producer of the show, sexually harassing an actress in a dressing room of said chain.

Everything had been silent after an alleged agreement between the lawyers of Univision and those of the victims, but now it takes strength again with a judicial setback. This is how he put it The Miami Herald in an investigation by crime journalist David Ovalle.

According to the investigation of said newspaper, at the time the complaints began, Albis was arrested on charges of ‘simple assault’, for which he did not go to jail, and left that same day with the simple signing of a document, where he promised to appear in court whenever required.

Enrique Albis with Lili Estefan and Raúl de Molina. Photo: Youtube

During all this time, of the more than 13 alleged victims, 4 had reported and 3 of them had negotiated with Univision… What? As reported by both ‘Gossip No Like’ and the Herald, the women’s lawyers and those of the chain They would have reached an agreement where a very low sum of money would have been given to each one in exchange for signing a confidentiality document, where they would not discuss the issue, or take legal action.

What then changed two years later? That the case was taken up, but now not in a civil way, but in a criminal way, which would complicate Albis’s situation, who until now is enjoying their freedom and without any type of restriction.

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Ovalle, contacted the producer, who broke the silence after the scandal and that he was separated from Univision. Albis, who pleaded not guilty to all the complaints, rectified the same to the journalist, ensuring that the alleged victims are lying, that they are part of a plot against them and he said he had evidence to prove it, which his lawyer could not share with him by order.

The newspaper also spoke with Ed Griffith, a spokesman for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, who not only confirmed that they took the case and are investigating itBut it did not rule out the possibility that more possible complaints be incorporated and investigated.

Regarding the silence agreement between the women who had already denounced and Univision, the spokesperson for the prosecution also responded the following to The Miami Herald:

“We are continuing our investigation of the three accused cases. We are moving forward with our criminal investigation despite civil nondisclosure agreements… After a comprehensive legal review, We have determined that these civil nondisclosure agreements do not usurp our prosecution capacity. to carry out legitimate criminal investigations and prosecutions ”.

After the investigation by Ovalle, Ceriani and Beristain came out on Friday morning, who, as we told you, were the ones who denounced these cases, andThey interviewed the journalist in ‘Chisme No Like’, and he told them that, based on what was collected, it seemed striking to him that the charges, so far, against Albis were minor charges, but also that Florida laws were a bit complicated.

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Let’s remember that in August 2019, ‘Chisme No Like’ presented a recording where Albis was heard asking an actress, that he was going to a casting supposedly to work for ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, that they had sex … After so much insistence, the woman felt intimacy in showing her butt, and in the recording you can hear how the producer masturbates.

Faced with that complaint Univision fired Albis and began an investigation where he invited all the chain’s employees to report if they had been harassed or if they knew of any harassment.

Univision is committed to a diverse, inclusive and safe work culture, free from harassment. We expect all employees to treat each other and the audience, community, guests and associates with dignity and respect, and we do not tolerate any type of transgression. Harassment – of any kind and in any setting – is totally unacceptable. As soon as we found out about these allegations, we launched an investigation. Mr. Enrique Albis has been fired from the company“, Were the statements of the chain at the time.

Then another actress, Ivonne López said that she lived a similar nightmare of harassment and that it was she who suggested to her friend that if he went to the casting he would record it because it was ‘dangerous’. These were joined by a number of more than 13 women allegedly harassed by Albis.

Until now, everything had been silenced, or sealed through an out-of-court arrangement, but with this setback, It is possible that Albis does end with a conviction and, perhaps, Univision compromised in some way, since the majority of the denounces say that the sexual assault would have been in the facilities of the chain.

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