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Sexual orientation test | Kinsey Scale and EROS Scale

The Kinsey test is used to determine your sexual orientation

The Kinsey test is used to determine your sexual orientation

It may be the first time you hear about the expert in Biology Alfred KinseyBut he was one of the first to address research on the sexual orientation of men and women in the United States. In his work “Sexual Behavior in Man” (1948), Kinsey collected thousands of personal interviews. Their conclusions have been corroborated in subsequent studies on human sexual behavior conducted in other countries and published in scientific and psychology journals such as the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. In 1954 he published “The sexual behavior of women”, again carrying out more than 5,000 interviews, with the results of which, in combination with the database and the male statistics, he produced the so-called Kinsey scale on heterosexuality-homosexuality.

In this classification, grade 0 indicated a heterosexuality complete and 6 a homosexuality exclusive and dominant. An X rank was added for asexual people, who have no interest in having sexual contacts with any gender.

Kinsey developed a sexual orientation test so that you can discover how to define your sexuality. Do you want to take the test to know your sexual identity by answering the test de Kinsey?

Based on the number you get after completing the previous one online questionnaire, the following results are established:

Kinsey test of sexual orientation

Kinsey test conclusions

If your result moves between 0 and 2, you are heterosexual, with different predominance depending on the grade.

Do you have questions about whether you are bisexual? If your result fits the rank 3, the answer is yes.

Between the 4th and 6th Homosexual people are located, be they gay or lesbian, while the X rank, as we said before, indicates asexuality, that is, there is no sexual attraction.

Discover your true sexual orientation according to the Kinsey scale

Here you can see a video in English of people answering the questions of the Kinsey scale:

Sexual orientation test

The psychologist Michael Storms developed in 1980 the so-called Erotic Response and Orientation Scale (EROS) to correct some deficiencies detected in the Kinsey Scale Test, considered by many “too binary” in its approaches to human sexual orientation.

The Storms test yields a less reductionist and sharper approach to the non-binary orientations, although he admits not addressing all possible sexual or gender identities, nor does he give an answer in his test to individuals identified as non-binary.

Take the EROS test

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