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Shakira confirms that she is separating from Gerard Piqué



Shakira is separating from Gerard Piqué. The singer’s communication agency has sent a statement confirming the information provided by ABC that both finalized the announcement of a temporary cessation of coexistence.

«We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, who are our top priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding, ”says the brief statement, collected by the Efe Agency.

In 2019, at the presentation of the documentary about the “El Dorado” tour, the artist acknowledged having almost fallen into depression when a problem with her vocal cords prevented her from singing, as ABC already reported. Something that took its toll on the couple to the point that Piqué gave him an ultimatum: «He told me that he did not want to have a future with a bitter woman, that everyone was making music out there while I was locked up at home with the children.

Get out there and get to work.”

five months apart

Since February, specifically Valentine’s Day, not a single post has been seen as a couple on social networks. On Saturday, May 21, Piqué went with his father and his two sons to watch the Andorra FC game that he owns and that won promotion to the second division after beating UCAM Murcia by a goal. No trace of the singer. According to ‘Hello!’ exclusively this Saturday she suffered a nervous episode for which she had to be transferred by ambulance to the Teknon clinic in Barcelona where she was treated. She perhaps she could not bear to find out that Piqué rushes the night in the reserved areas of Barcelona. Five days later, the soccer player could be seen arriving at the family home where he called the telephone instead of opening with his key and was talking to Nidia del Carmen, the singer’s mother.

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The success of her debut on the red carpet in Cannes, where she went on May 26 to attend the premiere of the film ‘Elvis’, has lasted little for Shakira. She arrived and rocked a Rita Hayworth look, then changed to attend the late-night party where she too was in high spirits. Nothing foreshadowed that the next day, Monday, May 27, she would receive the news that she will have to go to trial, accused of defrauding the Treasury of 14.5 million euros, by ensuring that she did not reside in Spain and hiding her income in various tax havens . Her lawyers issued a statement claiming her innocence and assuring that the catante had already settled accounts with the Treasury. Her partner Piqué had also had to deal with problems with the Treasury and complicated economic litigation, but insufficient to break the love that she was born dancing the ‘waka waka’ in 2010 during the World Cup in South Africa.

harmful hoax

Among the rumors of distancing, a hoax arose about who was the woman with whom the Barça player would have had a slip. It was a Turkish journalist Melih Esat who dared via Twitter to point out that this woman was the mother of the young star of the Blaugrana club Pablo Gavi. Many international media replied, even wondering if this was going to generate an internal conflict in the club. But the information was nothing more than a hoax since the person he was referring to by an image that he posted next to the information was Aurora, the older sister of the player with whom Piqué is a childhood friend. Other information points to a stewardess in her twenties. While Shakira’s fans find the end of this love story in the verses of her latest musical success ‘Te congratulations’, which she performs with Rauw Alejandro, although she is not the only author of the lyrics. And others go further and have already looked for a substitute for Piqué, the Scottish actor Sam Heughan, star of ‘Outlander’ who has just now begun to follow the singer on her social networks.

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