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She did not want to wear a mask on a flight and now she could be fined more than $ 30,000

The scene caused by the passenger caused the aircraft to return to its starting point.

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A woman who objected to wearing a mask on an airplane could be fined several thousand dollars.

And is that The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing to fine the JetBlue passenger, who has not been identified, no less than $ 32,750. after he refused to wear a mask on a Feb. 7 flight from the Dominican Republic to New York.

In addition to this, the passenger allegedly threw food and an empty alcohol bottle into the air while shouting obscenities at the plane attendants. He is also reported to have grabbed the arm of a flight attendant.

The scene caused by the passenger caused the aircraft to return to its starting point. The FAA reported that the woman also hit the arm of another flight attendant twice, tore his hand and consumed alcohol that had not been served by the cabin crew.

This is not the first case of its kind to occur. Another man, who was a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight on January 26, faces charges of $ 16,500. Apparently, the man refused to wear a mask over his mouth and nose and used offensive language with the aircraft crew. The man was taken off the plane before takeoff.

“As the passenger walked with his luggage to the departure gate, he told each of the two flight attendants ‘pathetic’ and hit one of the flight attendants with his suitcases,” the FAA said in a statement. according to Forbes.

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There was another case where a fine of $ 9,000 was applied. One of them, an Alaska Airlines flight on January 30 that departed from Bozeman, Montana, to Seattle. This incident involved violations of the mask use policy.

The FAA has been closely monitoring mask use policies, especially after President Joe Biden directed the FAA and other agencies to take steps to enforce public health guidelines in a Jan. 21 executive order.

The FAA is strictly enforcing a zero tolerance policy towards passengers causing disturbances on flights. or they don’t obey the flight crew’s instructions, ”the government agency said.

The airlines also adopted an inflexible policy on the use of masks. United Airlines, last June, said it would bar passengers who refuse to wear masks from entering the plane. Additionally, Delta has so far banned nearly 1,000 passengers from its planes for mask-wearing violations.

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