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She stabs her 16-year-old daughter because her partner had sex with her

The accused of trying to kill her daughter by blaming her for the sexual harassment of her stepfather

The accused of trying to kill her daughter by blaming her for the sexual harassment of her stepfather

«My daughter disrespected me, she told me that I was old, that I no longer served as a woman, and she was young and could satisfy a man. I reacted badly and lost total control ». Those were the justifications who gave yesterday one mother at the trial for try to kill with a knife cooking her 16-year-old daughter in Aldaia, whom he held responsible for have sex with your partner and father of your other daughter, completely ignoring that it was the stepfather who, taking advantage of the age difference, was sexually abusing her. Finally the police also finished arresting the man for a crime against sexual freedom of the minor, who barely He was fifteen when the first sexual contacts began.

The defendant, 37 years old and of Ecuadorian nationality, faces a sentence of thirteen years in prison for a crime of attempted murder, since it caused him injuries in areas with serious life risk – the neck and upper back – without having the possibility of defense, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, with the aggravation of relationship. For its part, his defense requests a sentence of only one year in prison, considering that the facts constitute only a crime of injuries and contemplating up to four extenuating circumstances; the confession, the obstinacy, the reparation of the damage and the supposed undue delay.

The events, judged yesterday in the Fifth Section of the Provincial Court of Valencia, occurred on June 25, 2018 at the family home, located in the town of Aldaia. At the beginning of the month the defendant already He had gone to the Xirivella police station to report a possible case of sexual abuse of his daughter suspecting that her partner had been having sexual relations with the minor since she was fifteen years old.

The account of the events

While these facts were being clarified, and after her daughter ran away from home, the minor lived for a week at the home of an aunt, but the latter, seeing that her stepfather continued to harass her, asked her mother to take her away. . It was that day, just after picking her up and taking her back home, when mother and daughter began to argue about their relationship with their little sister’s father.

As stated by the defendant yesterday at the oral hearing, the stepfather came to the house and kissed the minor on the lips in his presence, a fact that until now he had never manifested.

“I felt very bad, I felt betrayed by both of them“Wielded the defendant. When your partner left recriminations towards his own daughter rose in tone. In the building was also the small daughter, twelve years old, who was listening to music on a tablet and barely understood what they were saying to each other, according to said witness yesterday.

When the little girl left and went to the kitchen, she found her sister lying in a pool of blood and her mother with a knife in her hand, which he released as soon as he saw her. According to the defendant’s version, as soon as she realized what she had done, when she saw how the blood flowed from the knife she had on her back, she covered the wound with a cloth and called the police. However, the National Police officers who came to the home did not find any stained cloth to indicate that someone had been trying to help the minor.

Initially over the phone he told the police that “Thought he had hurt” his daughter with a knife “accidentally”. Although as soon as he opened the door to the agents, he admitted his responsibility, hence his defense argues for the mitigation of confession and spontaneous repentance.

Little sister led the officers to the knife that his mother had used, which was hidden in a bucket of dirty clothes. According to the argument given by the girl, it was she who lor hid there so that his mother would not injure herself, “Because he was crying and wanted to kill himself,” although he could not explain why the gun was clean, which drew the attention of the police.

The victim had a slash in the back that caused a hemothorax and affected the lung, as well as a cut in the neck, wounds for which he required hospitalization and surgical treatment. The young woman, who is now 19 years old, took advantage of her right not to testify against her mother and withdrew the accusation at the trial, which was upheld by the Public Prosecutor’s Office given the seriousness of the events.

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