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She suffered even after she died: a girl beaten at her home in New York spent more than two months in the morgue due to a fight between her parents

NYCHA Public Housing Complex.

Photo: Mariela Lombard / El Diario NY

Julissia Batties, the 7-year-old girl who died in mid-August from abuse allegedly inflicted at her home in The Bronx (NYC), will finally leave the morgue, now that her parents have resolved the legal battle over her remains.

According to court documents filed Wednesday, Julius Batties (37), father of the occisa, won the right to claim the remains of his “princess” from the morgue. Mother, Navasia Jones (35), had filed a petition in the Bronx Supreme Court in September asking a judge to grant her control over the funeral arrangements, saying that he wanted to cremate his daughter to “always have something to remember her.”

But the father wanted Julissia to be buried, and stated that he would “never agree” to have her cremated. In court documents, he also argued that it was unseemly for Jones to be granted control of his daughter’s final resting place, given that the girl was in his care when he died. “Even if he didn’t inflict the final blow, he didn’t protect her when he could,” the father said in an affidavit filed earlier this month.

His attorney also stated in a filing that Jones “is one of two suspects directly or indirectly responsible for his death.” Neither Batties ‘or Jones’ attorneys responded this week to multiple requests for comment from the New York Post.

Although Julissia’s death was declared a homicide, no criminal charges have been filed against Jones, or anyone else in the case still under investigation.

The 7 year old girl he was part of a heated custody battle for most of his short life. It was found with head and body injuries inside his NYCHA apartment in the Mitchel Houses complex on Alexander Avenue (The Bronx), the morning of August 10.

Jones called 911 and first informed the NYPD that her daughter had fallen and injured her head against a desk around 5 a.m. But his 17-year-old teenage son later admitted that he had hit his half sister eight times in the face when her mother left early that morning. Supposedly he was upset that the girl kept going to the kitchen to get sandwiches. She was rushed to Lincoln Hospital, but could not be saved.

A coroner’s report revealed that Julissia died of trauma to the abdomen, and also confirmed new and old injuries to the face and arm. The 35-year-old mother, who suffers from bipolar disorder, has eight previous arrests, including two per threat. In that house he lived with his three children: the adolescent who would have confessed to the abuse, a 3-year-old baby and the deceased girl.

The police had been called to that apartment six times in two years. for suspected abuse. The minor had been living with her paternal grandmother and Jones had only just regained custody in June, in what would be a new serious case negligence of the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). Even a week before death, the mother prevented the girl from being intervieweda police source told Pix11.

Several other two children have died in recent months in NYC, victims of alleged abuse in their homes. If you are a victim or suspect that someone is being abused, especially if they are a minor or an elderly person:

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