Monday, November 29

Shein, the mysterious cheap clothing brand that triumphs among young people

  • Lora Jones
  • BBC Business Journalist

Shein models

Image source, Shein

It is an image that is frequently seen on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram: a teenage girl throws clothes from the Shein brand on her bed and tries on each piece, one by one, trying to gain “followers” and “likes”.

The popularity of this “ultra-fast” fashion brand has exploded during the pandemic. But if you are over 30 years of age it is very likely that you have not heard of it.

In Latin America, two of its best markets are Chile and Mexico and, in fact, last May it opened a temporary store in Mexico City during the sales season.

Betting on consumers who follow trends and want to save money, this internet giant adds some 6,000 new products every day to its catalog.

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