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Shock in Italy over the cruel murder of an agricultural businesswoman at the hands of the mafia

Correspondent in Rome



She was kidnapped, killed and thrown to pigs as food, after being crushed by a reaper. By not wanting to sell your farm, that was the horrible and tragic end of Maria Chindamo, 44 years old, agricultural entrepreneur, mother of three children, from Laureana di Borrello, a municipality of 5,700 inhabitants, in the province of Reggio Calabria, in southern Italy.

There was no news of Chindamo since May 6, 2016, when his family reported his “mysterious disappearance” on his farm in the municipality of Limbadi, in the province of Vibo Valentia, in Calabria, territory of the ‘Ndrangheta, the ruthless Calabrian mafia. His car was later found with traces of blood and locks of hair on the front seat. At first, the Police followed, among other clues, that of a murder “for revenge”, supposedly carried out by the family of her ex-husband, owner of the agricultural land, who had committed suicide after their marital separation. For crime investigators, María Chindamo was one of the many victims of the “white wolf” (white shotgun), “the disappeared”, murdered and buried in nameless graves (with the expression “lupara bianca”, in reference to the use of this type of weapon used by mafia or criminal organizations, the circumstances of the disappearance and of the probable homicide of a person, especially for a revenge of a mafia character).

Confession of a repentant

Four years after her mysterious disappearance, a repentant mafia collaborator with the justice, Antonio Cossidente, has revealed that the murderer of Maria Chindamo would have been the drug trafficker Salvatore Ascano, 54, who lives in front of the farm of María Chindamo. Ascano was arrested last July and then released, because according to prosecutors he had altered, just the day before the victim’s disappearance, the video surveillance system installed in his home to avoid recording the images of the video camera that was oriented precisely towards the entrance of the property of the agricultural businesswoman. The repentant mafia Cossidente has offered investigators lurid and ghoulish details of the ending of Maria Chindamo, explaining that she would have been murdered as punishment for not wanting to sell her land.

Maria’s disappearance occurred on the first anniversary of the suicide of her husband Ferdinando Punturiero, who hanged himself a few days after the couple had decided to separate. According to Vicenzo Chindamo, the victim’s brother, it should not be ruled out the “family track” about the motive for the murder. After Ferdinando Punturiero’s suicide, his family blamed Maria for that tragedy: “They took out their grudge against her and held her responsible for that death because she left him. And they did not digest the fact that she managed the estate she had inherited from him. Maria has been assassinated by convergent interests ».

Vincenzo Chindamo commented on the drama for the family and children of having learned of Maria’s gruesome death on television: “It was devastating. I no longer sleep. My mother, the poor thing, found out on television. It has had a terrible emotional impact. It is not possible to describe his reaction of despair, he screamed, he threw his glasses … Maria’s three children have also heard the news on television. Imagine what it must be like to hear that your mother was mashed to feed pigs. I try to protect them », said Vincenzo Chindamo. The children have been deprived even of the mortal remains of the mother before whom they can cry.

It is not the first time that gangsters they use pigs to get rid of its victims. In fact, the police suspected, by not finding evidence of Maria, that she may have had this tragic end. “After almost five years,” Vicenzo Chindamo said on television, “my family wants to know the whole truth. We want to know why it was removed in such a heinous way.

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