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Shocking audios of the ex-producer of “El Gordo y la Flaca” harassing one of his alleged victims in a Univision dressing room

Much has been said in recent days about the allegations of alleged abuse and touching to some famous in the hands of Raúl de Molina. This brings to the fore the case of the ex-producer of the show “El Gordo y la Flaca”, Enrique Albis. Just a few days ago the drivers of “Gossip No Like” broadcast the alleged and shocking audios of Enrique Albis to one of his victims from a Univision dressing room.

Journalist Mandy Fridmann recounted how the case of sexual assault of the former producer has just taken a new judicial turn and happened to have a criminal tone. Supposedly, many of these cases were negotiated by the television plant with some of the victims and it is presumed that they received some type of compensation. Fridmann notes that, although a silence agreement has been signed by the parties, other victims who did report legally would have helped to open a legal investigation. This would evidently compromise Enrique Albis’ freedom and he could be put behind bars if convicted in court.

There is still fabric to cut in this sense. What has left everyone “on a heel” are the supposed audios between the former producer and one of whom is presumed one of his victims.

Albis: “How bad are you to me.”

Victim: No, how are you going to get like this?

Albis: No, I do it here. What do you think?

Victim: No, no, behave …

Albis: Why not? One minute I see you the *** and they see me **

Victim: What, do you like big a *** or what?

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Albis: No, look, about a month ago a Brazilian girl came. I swear to you on my children. He told me: “I give you everything you want and you put me to work on television. That night I went with my boss to eat and I said: What a crazy thing that! Because, believe it or not, I am a professional. But today with you, since that time, the train is leaving me. It is that you are not as sexual as sensual and that you are unbearable. It’s your makeup.

Victim: Yes I know…

Albis: So … what do you want me to bring you?

Victim: No, no, forget yourself in any case with your hands

Albis: Do you want me to bring you wipes?

Victim: Noooo … Ah, yes. Did I pass it over here?

Albis: And this you are not going to want?

Victim: Behave, please. Behave like a pro so I…

Albis: No, what the f ** k professional. I’m not a professional, I’m a comemi **

Victim: Look Albis, if you want to do something with me, let’s behave well

Albis: But if I behave well or I behave badly …

Victim: Well. but be still.

Albis: But what does that have to do with it?

Victim: It has to do a lot. How are you going to do this at the Univision office?

Albis: This is not an office. This is a dressing room. Do you want my office?

Victim: No, Albis, no.

Albis: I have a bigger sofa …

Victim: I’m not going to do anything and I’m going to give you just one reason … I don’t like men …

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Albis: Are you a lesbian? Lie. But if I don’t want to be with you, I don’t want you to fall in love with me. I’m never going to make you fall in love.

Victim: But I don’t like pe ***, I don’t like men …

Albis: But if I don’t want you to enjoy anything

Victim:: I don’t like to see a man masturbate

Albis: Do not tell me. Oh please. Can’t you sacrifice yourself for me?

Victim: That is the problem.

Albis: That is your lie.

Victim: I swear, I swear.

Albis: I assure you not.

Victim: I swear..

Albis: I swear not.

Victim: I already have someone …

Albis: Do you have a girlfriend?

Victim: No, I don’t have a girlfriend but I am dating someone … I’m dating someone female.

Albis: I’m going to touch your nal *** and you *** always ***. I’m never going to make you fall in love. I have my wife for years. I only want one thing … I give you my word of honor … I like you very much.

Victim: I also like you very well.

Albis: You are a girl who, because you are unfocused, you have not gone any further. I think you have missed opportunities millions of times and I know it.

Victim: Yes you are absolutely right

Albis: First I am an old man, what you are is great even if you are a lesbian or whatever … Look at me, even if you were heterosexual, you weren’t going to like me in any way.

Victim: Stay calm and sit down…. And you show me that … How disgusting!

Albis: Look … get a sen **

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Victim: No, Albis please

Albis: Come on, there is no one here, take off a te **** I ask you please,

These were part of the words the two supposedly exchanged in a cana dressing rooml. In the same audio you can hear what Albis does in front of the woman. She later begins to talk about her alleged relationship with a girlfriend, which the drivers claim, she invented to prevent Albis from being able to “go further.”

Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain they say that the woman recorded the ex-producer, since another partner had previously attended another casting and warned him of these assumptions harassment. That is why, according to Ceriani, the girl was prepared and recorded in case “something happened.”

Let us remember that this case was announced by the same show almost two years ago and that today, in the midst of its fight for justice to all the victims of the Me Too Latino, have wanted to retake. Both hope that all the people who have been affected by this type of behavior at the hands of workers and executives of the media, will get the law to punish their harassers.

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