Friday, April 12

Shocking images of the escape from a shooting in a shopping center in the United States

Umpteenth shooting in USA. Again in a crowded place: the Mall largest in the country, the ‘Mall of America‘ of Bloomingtonnear Minneapolis (Minnesota). The incident occurred on Thursday night, peninsular time, and forced the closure of the complex, which houses more than 500 stores. The local police did not report no victimbut the social networks witnessed the scenes of panic the clients experienced.

The local police confirmed through Twitter that there was an “active incident” in the building, without specifying that it was a shooting, and indicated that he had deployed “numerous” agents. He later admitted that “shots were fired” but called the incident “isolated,” the same word the mall used to explain what happened.

The shooting suspect fled on foot a of the facilities, informed the authorities, who are interviewing the witnesses. Clients posted on social networks the scenes of fear and chaos they experienced.

A video posted on Twitter shows a person screaming as he walks into a store. Then several shots are heard. In another video you see families running and pushing their children in strollers through the mall while security guards armed men patrol the premises. Additionally, a message can be heard over a loudspeaker telling shoppers: “Attention: Those who are not currently in a safe location, please seek shelter immediately.”

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The local media ‘Alpha News’ posted a video of some young people recording themselves with a ‘smartphone’ in front of a store. Hearing the burst of gunfire, they run away barely picking up the phone, which continues to record.

For its part, the complex has already announced that it will reopen its doors this Friday.

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