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Shooting in the middle of the afternoon took the lives of four people in Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma Police are still investigating the trail of suspects.

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A shooting that took place in Tacoma, Washington, left at least four people dead Thursday afternoon, while authorities are in search of the suspect, reported the Tacoma Police Department.

Through their Twitter account, the police reported that two women and a man were shot to death at the scene, while the fourth deceased was taken to a hospital with fatal injuries, and subsequently lost his life.

According to reports, the male victims had 19 and 22 years and the female ones 22 and 42 years. So far the deceased have not been identified.

Police spokeswoman for Tacoma, Wendy Haddow, reported that the shooting occurred in an alley behind a residence around 4:24 pm (local time), and that at least one victim was found on the street in front of the residence.

“This is a horrible crime”, relative Haddow a KIRO-TV, and added: “At this moment I cannot say if there were one or more shooters.”

So far no arrests have been reported, but technicians and detectives blocked several blocks around the crime scene awaiting evidence.

In statements offered to KIRO-TV, Greg Riemersma, one of the neighbors and witness to the event, reported: “Someone was shooting at someone else on the other side of the street, so immediately we all fell to the ground.”.

He added that he heard something like fireworks sounded that broke out in the area when the killings occurred.

“My daughter’s fiancé came running in and told everyone to get off, and someone was shooting across the street.”, Remersma told King 5, who said that such an episode was the last thing they expected to happen, and it shook him and his family.

“I will cry after my grandchildren go to bed. I’m not going to collapse in front of them “, said the neighbor, and sentenced: “This is one of the most horrible things I have seen in a long time in this neighborhood.”

So far, the city of Tacoma has been shaken with 27 homicides so far this year, in a population of almost 213,000 inhabitants according to the 2019 census.

In case any citizen has information about the shooting, they asked to communicate to the 911 or call 1-800-222-TIPS.

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